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  1. Uh…how are you meant to end with a giantrainer, number 38 and 3 extra cards if you have used the 3 marmorat’s and bearman?

  2. EDIT: Uh…how are you meant to end with a giantrainer, number 38 and 3 extra cards if you have used the 2 marmorat’s and bearman?

  3. marroque says:

    I must say: i already knew that it would be easy for the deck to make strong boards turn 1, but im quite surprised by the otk potencial of zodiac beast. Great post as always

  4. marco11 says:

    What deck profile should I use?

  5. Sakura Hime says:

    I think it will be good to indicate which viper either from hand/field to trigger its effect under combo 3 step 14 though your illustration clears it up.

    Great explanation, keep it up!

  6. Xiyan says:

    To stop Zodiac Beast’s combos, it is common to use Maxx “C”, so there is a risky combo:
    if the opponent plays Maxx “C”, summon 2 copies of Bull with 1 special summoned Rat, use both Bull’s effect to search 2 copies of Manticore of Darkness, advance summon one of them, and use Drancia’s effect to destroy it.

    In the end phase, the destroyed Manticore can revive by costing the other copy in hand. Then this two Manticore of Darkness can form a loop to special summon infinite times until the opponent run out of deck and lose, as long as the opponent’s deck does not have D.D Crow.

    As a result, some players may add 1 D.D Crow to prevent this. Therefore, D.D Crow is possible to present. Some of the combos list above detach Rat at the first XYZ and have to use Tiger’s effect to attach Rat again, which gives opponent a chance to use D.D Crow to stop your combo. A better option should be using the Rat’s gift effect at or after the second XYZ, so you can detach the XYZ Zodiac Beast to keep Rat as XYZ material and use the gift effect again with the coming XYZ.

    • Akira says:

      The other argument is that you would lose an additional Zodiac Beast Xyz monster if you are hit by a Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. Having 1 less Zodiac Beast Xyz monster in your Extra Deck might limit your options in the later turns.

      I believe there are merits to both plays. It all boils down to making a good read and then playing around D.D. Crow or Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit accordingly.

      That’s a fantastic point that you brought up. Cheers!

  7. R. S. says:

    Most list have been transitioning to Daigusto Emeral as an end to the rat combo and using Gagaga Samurai as extra damage to push for game. You might want to update those in, for future reference.

    • Akira says:

      Some have tried Gagaga Samurai, but eventually dropped it. Because Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King does almost the same amount of damage. (Base assumption is that you will always have a Zodiac Beast Xyz monster when you do the double Marmorat combo.)

      Gagaga Samurai = 1900 × 2 = 3800.

      Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger KingFire Formation – TenkiZodiac Viper = (2200 + 100) + 1200 = 3500.

      Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger KingFire Formation – TensuZodiac Viper = (2200 + 100) + (1200 + 100) + 1200 = 4800.

      Daigusto Emeral is a good point. Some players have dropped Coach Captain Bearman and focused on just Rank 4. Cheers!

  8. I’m curious about what a standard deck list would look like for Zodiac Beasts. It looks like there’s so many other cards that can be in this deck outside of the main core needed for these combos.

  9. very risky to build this deck…..although its a teir 0 deck…limiting momorat to 1 kills the deck….might only last 2 banlist….unlike nekroz and burning they dont rely on one card and they last over a year in meta…

    • Pepe Zap says:

      yeah, but it is way to unlikely to limit momorat, since juunishishi are splashble in pretty much anydeck cause of him, it would be like banishing metalfoes scales. Now what do could fall into banlist is M-X-Invoker; terrortop; maybe even tenki (something that would ruin many cool decks like bujin or yosenju)

  10. huy says:

    If boardbull atk is 2400 why can’t make Drident atk to 4800 because effect boardbull don’t said : If this card is a material atk to be 0 . So atk Boardbull + Wiptail + Wiptail = 2400 + 1200 + 1200 = 4800

    • Hel says:

      Because boardbull lost all his effect (of course the effect which say it gain an atk equal to the atk of zoodiac monsters attached to it) when he become a xyz material (and his attack is ?, the rulebook say that his original attack is then 0)

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