Zoodiac Ramram

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  1. Frenzyhero says:

    Can we look at Zodiac combos post-Links rules? While TCG is a long time from having these, we’d like to know to practice in advance.

    • nicoMaki says:

      i was trying run Zoodiac with links using link proxys and Madolches. And i was using the follow steps to do… “somenthing”:
      initial hand-needed (Z.Barrage, Baobaboon,Brilliant Fusion, Madolche Anjelly/hootcake)
      1.- play and active BF, send GK + PM.Trick clown to summon GK. Seraphinite in the Extra Monster Zone.
      2.- Active PM-Trick clown, special summon it paying 1000 LP
      3.- Extra normal summon Bababoon and active him effect
      4.- Play and active Z.Barrage, targeting Bababoon, to special summon Z.Ratpier(variant if you have Rapier in hand, you can summon Thoroughblade instead and send ratpier to grave to draw a card)
      6.- Active Baobaboon effect and summon two copies more
      7.- active the 2 Baobaboon effects
      8.- Send GK-Seraphinite and PM.Trick Clown to grato to LINK SUMMON decode talker(link materias: 2 or more Effect monsters) (until this point: field is (EMZ: Decode talker, MMZ: baobaboon x2, Z.Ratpier
      9.- Use Baobaboon (x2) to XYZ summon M-X saber Invoker
      10.- Normal Summon Anjelly or Hootcake
      11.- Use Inovker’s effect to summon Madolche Messegelato and active him effect, add Madolche Chateau
      12.- Use ratpier to XYZ summon Boarbow
      13.- Using Boarbow XYZ summon Hammer Kong
      14.- Use Hammer Kong (ratpier effect) to summon other copie of ratpier
      15.- Using M-X Saber Invoker and Madolche Messegelato LINK summon Firewall Dragon (link 4 monsters min. 2)
      16 use Madolche Anjelly effect to Special summon Madolche Hootcake (if you normal summon Madolche Hootcake skip this step)
      17.- Use Hootcake effect to special summon other copie of Hootcake
      18.- use two copies of Hootcake to XYZ summon meliae of the trees
      19.- Use meliae of the trees effect to send glow-up bulb to graveyard
      20.- Use Glow-up bulb effect to auto-special summon
      21.- Using Glow-up bulb and Zoodiac ratpier Synchro summon Naturia Beast
      22.- use Hammerkong to XYZ summon BoardBull
      23.- Use BroadBull Effect to add Wiptail to the hand
      24.- end zoodiac stuff until you have Zoodiac Drident

      at the end the field must be
      EMZ: Decode Talker
      MMZ: Zoodiac Drident(left-bottom linked to Decode Talker), Naturia Beast( left linked to Firewall Dragon), Firewall Dragon(linked to Decode Talker in right-bottom) and meliae of the trees(right linked to Firewall Dragon)
      STZ: Zoodiac Barrage, Brilliant Fusion
      Hand: 3 cards (1 wiptail and 2 of start hand)

      is a little long, but end with Naturia Beast is fine 🙂 and change part of hand with Baobaboon is good to
      i wish you like my little… combo? or… little strategy
      Note: i did this strategy bassed on the text in the cards like Decode talker that say (link 3 effect monsters min. 2), i dont know if the text may change to (excalty 3 monsters) or whatever. 🙂

  2. Lamo says:

    Thanks for this post I looked everywhere for something like this

  3. but lyca wouldn’t negate the eff of ramram?

    • Akira says:

      Zoodiac Ramram‘s effect triggers after it has been destroyed and sent to the graveyard (or banished). Since the Trigger Effect activates in the graveyard (or banished), it is no longer negated by the effect of Zoodiac Lyca.

      This is similar to Debris Dragon and Card Trooper.

  4. Christian says:

    In combo 8 you use Tiger King’s effect to summon rat from deck twice. Rat’s effect on xyz can only be activated once per turn.

    • Akira says:

      Zoodiac Ratpier‘s effect is a “soft” once per turn. Since Tiger King has 2 Ratpier as its Xyz Materials, Tiger King can activate Ratpier effect twice – once for each Ratpier.

      The key is to activate and detach the same Ratpier – so when you activate Ratpier A and detach Ratpier A, you have not activate the effect of Ratpier B. Thus Ratpier B’s effect can be activated later in the same turn.

    • Christian says:

      Oh, I did not know that. Very cool

  5. Jordan Troy says:

    Are there any combo threads with True Kings

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