First Forbidden Monsters

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14 Responses

  1. a says:

    No one Ritual monster has forbidden?

  2. Elton Gradash says:

    Do this to TCG too

  3. Syou says:

    Pretty sure OCG is the shit trying to milk money with all the hard to get rarity cards.
    Just compare those Booster SP series.
    TCG is way more generous.

  4. SomeNiceGuy says:

    actually, Zenmaity was semi-limited in OCG 2015.04 and unlimited in OCG 2015.10.
    Also, another major reason I think Summon Sorceress was banned was due to the potential of giving your opponent a monster which could lead to weird FTKs.

  5. Raven Mercury says:

    Actually,almost all new forbidden cards are scapegoats of the Firewall Dragon,which is one of,if not the best,example of Konami designing card effects with their butts instead of brains.It got escaped only because it would be embarrassing that the anime protagonist using a forbidden card as the “ace card “(Decode talker performed much more like the ace ,though ). The justice will be done when Vrains ends about two years later.

  6. Hodenhammer says:

    Why is the new article taking so long :(?
    I can’t waiiiiit xd

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