Yu-Gi-Oh! West Japan WCQ 2019

The Yu-Gi-Oh! West Japan World Championship Qualifier 2019 was held in Osaka, Japan during 22 June 2019, and had 48 participants.


1 – 2nd Tsukimitsu Kohei “つっきー” Trickstar
Murakoshi Kei “王子” Phantom Knights Orcust
3 – 4th Takeda Naoki “ガリス” Sky Striker
“くまっち” Phantom Knights Orcust

West Japan 2019 Representatives
From left to right: Tsukimitsu Kohei and Murakoshi Kei


1 – 2nd, Tsukimitsu Kohei “つっきー” [Trickstar]

Source: 遊戯王OCG デュエルモンスターズ, @tsukitsuki1010


1 – 2nd, Murakoshi Kei “王子” [Phantom Knights Orcust]

Source: 遊戯王OCG デュエルモンスターズ


3 – 4th, Takeda Naoki “ガリス” [Sky Striker]

Source: @shock16nanairo


3 – 4th, “くまっち” [Phantom Knights Orcust]

Source: @kumakumakumatch



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    For 1st-2nd Murakoshi Kei Phantom Knight Orcust deck profile picture, it seems that you accidentally put the Trickstar deck profile.

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