Yu-Gi-Oh! South Korea WCQ 2019

The Yu-Gi-Oh! South Korea World Championship Qualifier 2019 was held in Seoul, South Korea during 30 June 2019, and had 46 participants.


1st Eun Duh-yeon (은두현) Phantom Knights Orcust
2nd Kim Hyun-jin (김현진) Magician
3rd Han Sung-gyu (한성규) Orcust
4th Choi Da-hyun (최다현) Subterror


1st, Eun Duh-yeon [Phantom Knights Orcust]

Source: @Blackwings4737


3rd, Han Sung-gyu [Orcust]

Source: @zq10023


4th, Choi Da-hyun [Subterror]

Source: @cdh020624

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