Yu-Gi-Oh! North American WCQ 2017

The Yu-Gi-Oh! North American World Championship Qualifier 2017 was held in Chicago, Illinois, United States during 8 – 9 July 2017, and saw a total of 2379 participants.

1st United States Chester Hawk Henson True Draco Zoodiac
2nd United States Roland Fang Zoodiac
3 – 4th Canada Richard Yam Tiam Xiang Zoodiac
United States Kenny Huy Nguyen Zoodiac
5 – 8th United States Aaron Chase Furman True Draco Zoodiac
United States Mark Randall Myatt True Draco Zoodiac
United States Aaron Hunter Levy Greener Kaiju Frog Zoodiac Paleozoic
United States Matthew Alexander Cairoli True Draco Zoodiac

Team North America
Jesse Kotton (Canada), Billy Brake (USA), Esala Wathathantrige (USA),
Kenny Nguyen (USA), Richard Yam (Canada), Roland Fang (USA), Chester Henson (USA)


1st, USA Chester Henson [True Draco Zoodiac]

Source: GlasgowYGO


2nd, USA Roland Fang [Zoodiac]

Source: vmdtcg


3 – 4th, Canada Richard Yam [Zoodiac]

Source: Yamroll Gaming


3 – 4th, USA Kenny Nguyen [Zoodiac]

Source: SimplySlimYGO


5 – 8th, USA Aaron Furman [True Draco Zoodiac]

Source: JRBjobber


5 – 8th, USA Mark Myatt [True Draco Zoodiac]

Source: Pro-Play Games


5 – 8th, USA Aaron Levy [Greener Kaiju Frog Zoodiac Paleozoic]

Source: Team Decree


5 – 8th, USA Matthew Cairoli [True Draco Zoodiac]

Source: Card Overflow



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