Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links WCQ 2017

The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2017 -Duel Links Division- is a brand new tournament introduced this year that will be held alongside the Main Event and Dragon Duel.

These are the representatives that have earned themselves an invitation and will be participating in the Duel Links World Championship 2017. The decks listed are the decks that were played in the Final Qualifiers.

Update 5 July 2017:

After undergoing an investigation into the detailed battle history of the winning Duelists in the Final Qualifiers during the WCS Qualfiiers which occurred from 9 Jun 16:00 to 12 Jun 13:00, we regret to say that there were some accounts which violated the Content Rules Agreement or Competition Agreement. After receiving these results, and doing further thorough investigations into these accounts, it has been decided that the appropriate measure is to ban these accounts and disqualify them from the WCS 2017 Finals.

Furthermore, with the above account suspensions there have been changes in the ranking order within each group.

The list below has been updated to reflect the changes.


Group A (North America)
1st Dkayed Swift Gaia DP: 144,071
2nd ☆StarHitman☆ DP: 131,330
Group B (Central America)
1st Yanstorm [DT] Clown DP: 115,201
Group C (South America)
1st uchihaleandr Harpie DP: 102,447
Group D (Europe)
1st dgzo DP: 97,886
2nd Koizumi DP: 90,585
3rd Tutpup Gravekeeper,
DP: 90,433
Group E (Japan)
1st 名もなきパラオ∞ Harpie Relinquished DP: 126,136
2nd サムソン吉田 Three-Star Machine DP: 121,757
Group F (Korea/Taiwan)
1st BoAFanYZ DP: 170,439
Group G (Asia/Middle East/Africa)
1st silentL@INA DP: 112,145
Group H (Oceania)
1st Timmy Relinquished,
Three-Star Dark Magician,
Harpie Relinquished
DP: 100,593


Group A: 1st, Dkayed

Source: Duel Links Meta

Swift Gaia (Balance)


Group B: 1st, Yanstorm [DT]

Source: Duel Links Meta

Clown (Balance)


Group C: 1st, uchihaleandr

Source: Duel Links Meta

Harpie (Harpies’ Hunting Ground)


Group E: 1st, 名もなきパラオ∞

Source: @aten_duel_links

Harpie Relinquished (Harpies’ Hunting Ground)


Group E: 2nd, サムソン吉田

Source: @sumsonDL

Three-Star Machine (Three-Star Demotion)


Group H: 1st, Timmy

Source: Duel Links Meta

Relinquished (Destiny Draw)

Three-Star Dark Magician (Three-Star Demotion)

Beatdown (Destiny Draw)

Harpie Relinquished (Harpies’ Hunting Ground)

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