Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Top Store 2011

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Top Store 2011 was held on 19 December 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan. It was held together with the Asia Championship Plus 2011.


  • 2 groups of 3 players each
    • Group A: Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand
    • Group B: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore
  • Round Robin during the Group Stage
  • Player with the most points of each group will play against each other in the 1st/2nd playoff
  • Player with the second-most points of each group will play against each other in the 3rd/4th playoff


Asia Top Store 2011

1st Gamers Arena Malaysia Kee Kian Sim Wind-Up Inzektor
2nd Courtside – Robinson’s Galleria Philippines Rey Vincent M. Lim T.G. Agent
3rd 人氣皇 Hong Kong Lui Chun Tak (呂俊德) Agent Fairy
4th Gcorners Thailand Jeerawat Watthanapoowaroj Machina Gadget
5 – 6th Thousand Taste Trading Singapore Yu Bixuan T.G. Agent
Taiwan Agent Fairy


Asia Top Store 2011 Competitors

Asia Top Store 2011 Champion
Kee Kian Sim (Malaysia)


1st, Kee Kian Sim (Malaysia) [Wind-Up Inzektor]

Source: Dueling Days


2nd, Rey Vincent M. Lim (Philippines) [T.G. Agent]

Source: Dueling Days



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