Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship Winter 2020 Philippines Qualifier

Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship Winter 2020 Philippines Qualifier was held on 7 – 8 December 2019 and had 189 walk-in participants and 2 seeded players.

1st Francis Amoroso Meta Beat
2nd Edsel Gozon Danger Dark World
3 – 4th Hiroshi Odate Orcust
Paolo Ray Antonio Trickstar Orcust
5 – 8th Anan Quipit Subterror
Louren Vidad Orcust
Michael Mark Maravilla Gizmek Orochi Da Eiza
Larry Solis SPYRAL

Asia Championship Winter 2020 Philippines Qualifier Champion
Francis Amoroso


1st, Francis Amoroso [Meta Beat]

Source: Francis Cañaveral Amoroso


2nd, Edsel Gozon [Danger Dark World]

Source: Edsel Gozon


3 – 4th, Hiroshi Odate [Orcust]

Source: Hiroshi Odate


5 – 8th, Louren Vidad [Orcust]

Source: Louren Vidad


5 – 8th, Larry Solis [SPYRAL]

Source: Larry Solis

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29 Responses

  1. xvolky says:

    What is the game plan of the champion ? I don’t familiar with the meta-beat style.

    • Akira says:

      Meta Beat is more commonly known as Anti-Meta in the TCG. “Inspector Boarder” denies monster effects, “Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo” and “Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds” denies Special Summons. Then equipping “Moon Mirror Shield” and “Power of the Guardians” would ensure that those monsters cannot be beaten in battle. Basically it locks out the opponent from making any plays.

    • Francis Cañaveral Amoroso says:

      Hi, my gameplan is to destroy the board of the opponent if I go second if I lose to dice roll.

    • Rick Ureña says:

      @xvolky Basically, prevent decks from doing the degenerate crap they do, and win old school style (beat down w/ protection using spells and traps)

    • Rick Ureña says:

      @Francis (1) Congrats!!!!!! And keep on doing what you do!!!!!! #BarrierStunForLife!!!!!!!!!!! & (2) I know you just won this tourney and all but trust me (Im play Barrier Stun/Boarder Stun/Meta Beat as well, its my favorite deck of all time & is my forever deck) my friend, going second doesnt always equal a loss.

    • Francis Cañaveral Amoroso says:

      @Rick proud to hear that there are more anti meta (meta beat) users out there like me. Thanks for your words my friend. Since I started playing yugi, my deck is always anti meta lol 😀

  2. Jiaqing Lee says:

    Why did the winner have super poly targets but no super poly?

    • Akira says:

      Except for “Stardust Dragon”, the rest of the Extra Deck are merely there for “Pot of Extravagance”. He did a similar thing in last year’s Asia Championship Winter 2019 Philippines Qualifier whereby he threw in random cards in the Extra Deck.

    • Francis Cañaveral Amoroso says:

      Hi, the reason I have super poly targets is because I had super poly in my first deck build. Then after analyzing the meta, I decided that there are better cards compare to super poly that will synchronize my build. Then, I decided not to change the other cards with my extra deck since it doesn’t matter for extravagance. And then, only 2 stardust because i was able to borrow only 2 stardusts lol.

    • Rick Ureña says:

      Congrats again Francis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rusty Shackelford says:

    whats that spell card that looks like abyssal designator in the the anti meta deck? i forgot its name

  4. Yusei Fudo says:

    Is the 1st place deck going first or second? I don’t understand why he has so many lightning storms. If he goes first he can’t use it. Is he thinking his board will be broken and then he wants to reset it? No hand traps. Is he planning to autolose to Spyral and Danger Dark worlds if the 2 decks manages to go first?

    • Isaac Ladrón de Guevara Morales says:

      he has dark ruler no more in side deck to fight against those decks like those 2.

    • Yusei Fudo says:

      But Isaac. He has Dark ruler no more for combo decks that don’t rip cards out of your hand…what’s he going to do against decks that rip cards?

    • Francis Cañaveral Amoroso says:

      Hi Isaac, I prefer going first if I win with the dice roll. And if I go second, my plan is to destroy his board or use my lightning storms to bait their negations so I can use my draw power. The reason I didn’t use hand traps because it is too prone to Designator Crossout (x3), Called by the grave (x3) and Ash Blossom (x2) for Maxx c.

    • Rick Ureña says:

      Congrats Francis!!!!!!!!!

    • Rusty Shackelford says:

      I am curious what the forbidden lances are for in the side deck? do you use them to protect your own monsters from destruction? or just make your opponents monster -800?

    • Francis Cañaveral Amoroso says:

      @Rusty I decided to put lance to make my monsters unaffected from mind control, impermanence, lightning storm, Dark ruler no more, and just in case they red reboot me, atleast I still have spell to protect my monsters. Aside from that, lance is also good for battle, activate during damage step to minus the attack of opponents monster.

    • Francis Cañaveral Amoroso says:

      @Rick Urena thank you so much! 🙂

    • Rusty Shackelford says:

      oh i see! that’s pretty good idea for the forbidden lance. thanks for explaining and congratz on your win.

    • Francis Cañaveral Amoroso says:

      @Rusty thank you 🙂 Lance is one of my favorite cards 🙂

  5. Rick Ureña says:



  6. Eden says:

    Hi, would like to ask what is Declarer of the abyss used for?

    • badfr20 says:

      He uses it to remove monsters that can’t be destroyed by lightning storm.

    • Francis Cañaveral Amoroso says:

      Hi, abyss is good for salaman so they can’t use balelynx for subdestroy since abyss effect is “send”, so it will prevent them from using their trap negation, it is also good with thunder dragon since they’re effect is subdestroy, also good with orcust for dingirsu since it has subdestroy effect, also with masquerena since the link monster will have an effect cannot be destroyed by card effects, Aside from that, it is also good with rogue deck like gren maju, subterror or even with mirror match like if they have inspector boarder.

  7. Mr noob says:

    Hi francis, how does your metabeat fare with true dracos since they can pop all of your backrows with ease? How do you counter them

    • Francis Cañaveral Amoroso says:

      To be honest, this build has a hard time winning with true draco but still can win. That’s why I put LS, HFD, raigeki so I can come up with long game. Also I have evenly matched in my side deck. But considering the meta, there were only few true draco users so that’s why I didn’t focus too much with true draco.

    • Francis Cañaveral Amoroso says:

      And with 191 participants in ACQ with a total of 12 rounds, I haven’t had a match with True Draco.

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