Yu-Gi-Oh! Area Championship 2023 in Tokai

Yu-Gi-Oh! Area Championship 2023 in Tokai was held on 30 March 2024 and had 74 teams (222 participants).


  • 3v3 Team
  • 4 rounds of Swiss, Top 8 Single-Elimination
  • Champion team wins a Yu-Gi-Oh! Area Championship Series playmat for each team member
  • Top 6 teams win a Quarter Century Secret Rare Gaia The Fierce Knight for each team member
1st ナカヨシ Snake-Eye
ピー次郎 Tenpai Dragon
にゃぼろん Tenpai Dragon
2nd シトロン Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King
みゐくん Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King
チェレンコ Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Rescue-ACE
3 – 4th れおなん Grass Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Infernoid Unchained
KI Sinful Spoils Vanquish Soul
ポプラどん Yubel
3 – 4th  
ISANA Tenpai Dragon
やま Tenpai Dragon
5 – 6th 紫音 Grass Drytron
ラルフ Tenpai Dragon
みりおん Yubel
5 – 6th  
ほり Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King

1st, ナカヨシ [Snake-Eye]

Source: @NextPro0001, @Nakayoshi454545

1st, ピー次郎 [Tenpai Dragon]

Source: @NextPro0001, @peter_00_

1st, にゃぼろん [Tenpai Dragon]

Source: @NextPro0001

2nd, シトロン [Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King]

Source: @NextPro0001, @citron_68

2nd, みゐくん [Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King]

Source: @NextPro0001, @miiiiiikunn

2nd, チェレンコ [Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Rescue-ACE]

Source: @NextPro0001, @taramokitigai2

3 – 4th, れおなん [Grass Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Infernoid Unchained]

Source: @reona041122

3 – 4th, KI [Sinful Spoils Vanquish Soul]

Source: @buramaji19

3 – 4th, やま [Tenpai Dragon]

Source: @yama_card

5 – 6th, 紫音 [Grass Drytron]

Source: @hokutosei30

5 – 6th, ラルフ [Tenpai Dragon]

Source: @ral_227

5 – 6th, みりおん [Yubel]

Source: @Reb_Million

5 – 6th, ほり [Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King]

Source: @horimagi

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7 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    How does that infernoid unchained deck even work… he’s cooking but I don’t understand the flavors

    • Akira says:

      れおなん had written a note about his deck: 遊戯王OCG 破械ノイドの解説.

      Unchained is the core of the deck. Infernoid are mostly used to Link Summon “Unchained Soul Lord of Yama” to go into the standard Unchained combo. The bonus is it ends on “Infernoid Flood” in addition to “Unchained Soul of Rage” and “D/D/D Wave High King Caesar”.

  2. Toni Martinovic says:

    Are we sure that the yubel player played shyama and not sharvara? If so whats the reason.

  3. Icemerms says:

    Why are they using ghost ogre?

  4. enrico pollazo says:

    t-dragon is literally 14 core cards + 26 hand traps/tutors lol its like it went from the days of playing 15 light monsters + honest + 20 traps/draw card to flip-flopping it to nothing but hand traps. why do people still find this game fun again?

    • 44ur56 says:

      Because unlike you, people actually play the game instead of bitching about every little thing they dislike.

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