Master Duel Duelist Cup 2024 Mar

Master Duel Duelist Cup 2024 March was held from 13 – 25 March 2024. Players would have to reach Duelist Level 20 in Stage 1 before they could participate in Stage 2, where everyone would be ranked based on their accumulated Duelist Points.

The rank 1st player is invited to the Master Duel World Championship 2024, while the rest of the Top 100 players earn season points.

Top 100 Metagame Breakdown

  • 17.67 Snake-Eye (17.17 Kashtira Snake-Eye, 0.5 Snake-Eye)
  • 15.17 Superheavy Samurai
  • 13.83 Labrynth
  • 7.5 Branded (4.5 Grass Branded, 3 Branded)
  • 3.5 Mathmech @Ignister
  • 3 Zoodiac (2 Zoodiac, 1 Kashtira Zoodiac)
  • 2.67 (2.33 Vanquish Soul, 0.33 Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Vanquish Soul)
  • 2.5 Kashtira
  • 2 Runick
  • 2 Tearlaments
  • 1.67 Tri-Brigade (1 Adventurer Spright Tri-Brigade, 0.33 Kashtira Adventurer Spright Tri-Brigade, 0.33 Spright Tri-Brigade)
  • 1 Destiny Adventurer Phantom Knights
  • 1 Grass Sinful Spoils Superheavy Samurai Adventurer Synchron
  • 1 Mathmech
  • 1 Meta Beat
  • 1 Mikanko
  • 1 Scareclaw
  • 1 Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc
  • 0.5 SPYRAL

Of the Top 100 players, currently only 79 players and their decks have been made known.

Unlike traditional tournaments where players are locked into a single deck after submitting their deck lists, the Master Duel Duelist Cup allows players to freely switch between decks. For this tabulation, if the player ran multiple different decks, then the weightage of each deck will be divided by the total decks played. For example, 산하 finished in rank 9th and played 3 different decks during their Duelist Cup grind, thus contributing 0.33 Superheavy Samurai, 0.33 Labrynth and 0.33 Kashtira Snake-Eye to the overall tally.

As the rank 1st player Ryan has already earned his invitation to the Master Duel World Championship 2024 from the previous Master Duel Duelist Cup 2023 Dec, the invitation is passed down to the rank 2nd player たすく.

Top 100 Results

1st Ryan Labrynth [1]
2nd たすく Kashtira Snake-Eye [2]
4th ふぁ。 Superheavy Samurai [4]
5th 七代目火影
6th Gimlet Kashtira Snake-Eye [6]
7th ZeroField Kashtira Snake-Eye
8th ばめも Labrynth [8]
9th 산하 Superheavy Samurai
Kashtira Snake-Eye
10th RJay Kashtira Snake-Eye
Vanquish Soul
11th 鲁连清 Tearlaments [11]
12th さくま Superheavy Samurai [12]
14th 酔象角 Kashtira Snake-Eye [14]
15th 네에~ Runick [15]
16th AboHmod Grass Branded [16]
17th ナメクジタツー Labrynth [17]
18th KULOU MAX Labrynth [18]
21st 剣闘獣神 Labrynth [21]
22nd 飞跃代达罗斯桥 Grass Sinful Spoils Superheavy Samurai Adventurer Synchron [22]
24th WAD Ignaccyo Labrynth [24]
26th ぼーぎん Kashtira Snake-Eye
Superheavy Samurai
27th KG Superheavy Samurai [27]
29th エアーマン鈴木 [29]
30th CER. Greed Kashtira Snake-Eye [30]
31st 烙印の栗子球 Grass Branded [31]
32nd 没吃饱 Kashtira Snake-Eye
Superheavy Samurai
Kashtira Zoodiac
33rd ゴウヨク Labrynth [33]
34th べべべ Labrynth [34]
36th N3shTCG Kashtira Snake-Eye [36]
37th Scareclaw [37]
38th はくふ Superheavy Samurai
Kashtira Zoodiac
39th ミカド Spright Tri-Brigade
Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Vanquish Soul
Kashtira Adventurer Spright Tri-Brigade
40th かんみ Mathmech @Ignister [40]
42nd Zombie Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc [42]
43rd ウロベルト Grass Branded [43]
44th Zoodiac [44]
45th Towlie Kashtira Snake-Eye [45]
46th 山野仁成 Kashtira Snake-Eye [46]
47th Rain Superheavy Samurai [47]
48th フクロウ Kashtira Snake-Eye [48]
49th 飛行場 Labrynth [49]
50th 早坂吝 Runick [49]
51st tiras Branded [51]
52nd 小倉カフェ@vtuber Kashtira Snake-Eye [52]
53rd 折折折言 Superheavy Samurai
Kashtira Zoodiac
54th とらび Vanquish Soul [54]
55th フリーダム Mathmech [55]
57th kamimori Mikanko [57]
59th Amadeus Superheavy Samurai [59]
60th Yatsuga_take Branded [60]
61st 어렵다어려워 Branded [61]
63nd ヨッシー777 Mathmech @Ignister [63]
65th 梦幻魅力 Vanquish Soul
Grass Branded
66th サラダバー Mathmech @Ignister [66]
68th きゅう Kashtira Snake-Eye
Superheavy Samurai
69th しらこ【EXW】 Zoodiac [69]
70th 듀얼킹이될남자 Meta Beat [70]
72nd ねこテンペスト Destiny Adventurer Phantom Knights [72]
73rd シーアーチャー Kashtira Snake-Eye
74th slick yick Kashtira Snake-Eye
75th 블우_ Superheavy Samurai
Kashtira Snake-Eye
76th ひよこ Superheavy Samurai [76]
77th 진아 Kashtira Snake-Eye [77]
78th ふみ. Kashtira Snake-Eye [78]
79th Eトマト Kashtira Snake-Eye [79]
80th Drops Kashtira [80]
82nd 3BINI Superheavy Samurai [82]
83rd 落月 Superheavy Samurai [83]
84th 回归天空的素学家@1TB Labrynth [84]
85th sin jiji Kashtira
Superheavy Samurai
87th Bifrost Grass Branded [87]
88th CER.subaduck Superheavy Samurai
Vanquish Soul
90th リウオ SPYRAL
Superheavy Samurai
91st 明け色 Mathmech @Ignister
92nd えんま Kashtira [92]
93rd 기복이 Superheavy Samurai [93]
95th B&E 顾小凛 Superheavy Samurai [95]
96th 九山しか Grass Sinful Spoils Labrynth [96]
97th ミッチー Superheavy Samurai [97]
98th なおやん Kashtira Snake-Eye [98]
99th Ppp Labrynth [99]
100th 水冗思 Adventurer Spright Tri-Brigade [100]


1st, Ryan [Labrynth]

Source: @KarmanoRY


2nd, たすく [Kashtira Snake-Eye]

Source: @tasukusuraimu1


4th, ふぁ。 [Superheavy Samurai]

Source: @yamamu200


6th, Gimlet [Kashtira Snake-Eye]

Source: @Aviation1030, 𝓰𝓲𝓶𝓵𝓮𝓽_


7th, ZeroField [Kashtira Snake-Eye][Snake-Eye]

Source: 领域雪韵


8th, ばめも [Labrynth]

Source: @bamedmo


9th, 산하 [Superheavy Samurai][Labrynth][Kashtira Snake-Eye]

Source: @Sana1474


10th, RJay [Kashtira Snake-Eye][Vanquish Soul][Tearlaments]

Source: @FcgRjay

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