YCSJ Yokohama 2022

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Japan (YCSJ) Yokohama 2022 was held on 27 March 2022 and had 3000 participants.


  • Best-of-One Match (No Side Deck)
  • 7 rounds of Swiss
  • Top 64 Single-Elimination


1st Ogawa Takuya “みんと” Adventurer Good Stuff
2nd Shi Akira “二盃口” True Draco
3rd Anbai Tomohiro “響” @Ignister
4th Chou Takuya “かいと” Rose Dragon Adventurer Tenyi
5 – 8th “elekuto” Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc
Shibano Kakeru “れいかーず” Adventurer Branded Despia
Fukuoka Soujirou “りゅぬ” Adventurer Branded Despia
Satou Tooru “シロッコくん” Rose Dragon Adventurer Tenyi
9 – 16th Uesugi Narumi “なるみん” Floowandereeze
“でんち” Floowandereeze
Kosaka Kouki “魔鏡” Adventurer Branded Despia
“zan” Floowandereeze
“カバオ” Floowandereeze
“ハセ” @Ignister
Yasuma Shouki “め” Adventurer Mysterune


YCSJ Yokohama 2022 Champion
Ogawa Takuya


1st, Ogawa Takuya “みんと” [Adventurer Good Stuff]

Source: @minto_300


2nd, Shi Akira “二盃口” [True Draco]

Source: 二盃口


3rd, Anbai Tomohiro “響” [@Ignister]

Source: @B3Hfa5VERqK91Nd


4th, Chou Takuya “かいと” [Rose Dragon Adventurer Tenyi]

Source: @kaito1231dayo


5 – 8th, “elekuto” [Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc]

Source: @TakutoDino


5 – 8th, Shibano Kakeru “れいかーず” [Adventurer Branded Despia]

Source: @you_god1996


5 – 8th, Fukuoka Soujirou “りゅぬ” [Adventurer Branded Despia]

Source: @piyoe_sky


5 – 8th, Satou Tooru “シロッコくん” [Rose Dragon Adventurer Tenyi]

Source: @sirokkokun


9 – 16th, Uesugi Narumi “なるみん” [Floowandereeze]

Source: @13579min2468


9 – 16th, Kosaka Kouki “魔鏡” [Adventurer Branded Despia]

Source: @Mk_youTone


9 – 16th, “zan” [Floowandereeze]

Source: @zanYP422


9 – 16th, “カバオ” [Floowandereeze]

Source: @white_album527


9 – 16th, “ハセ” [@Ignister]

Source: @hasebe_981210


9 – 16th, Yasuma Shouki “め” [Adventurer Mysterune]

Source: @sho_marty



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5 Responses

  1. Jordy says:

    This was without the new list right?

  2. Lares says:

    What makes ignister top in ocg? I get it, it has a lot of starters and lot of flex spots, but it is vulnerable to handtraps, looks like it doesnt have that great follow up and if they out arrival it is hard to come back at all.

    • BK says:

      it doesn’t really top a lot normally, but this tournament is best of 1, so if people weren’t playing specific answers in their main/extra deck, they could easily just be left helpless against arrival. ignister also has some really easy to pull off OTKs with update jammer + accesscode and can play the heatsoul hand trap grind game when hit with multiple hand traps itself, notably a line it doesn’t have access to in TCG. It’s not a big meta contender but it seems like it was a good meta call for an unprepared field.

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