OCG 2022.10 Metagame Report #3

Welcome to Week #3 of the OCG 2022.10 format.

This report will tabulate 52 top-performing decks from 12 tournaments that were held in Japan and China Mainland during 15 – 16 October 2022.

New Product Release

  • Photon Hypernova

Metagame Breakdown

  • 27 Tearlaments (19 Ishizu Kashtira Tearlaments, 7 Kashtira Tearlaments, 1 Ishizu Tearlaments)
  • 9 Kashtira (8 Kashtira, 1 Dinosaur Kashtira)
  • 3 SPYRAL (2 SPYRAL, 1 Kashtira SPYRAL)
  • 2 Floowandereeze
  • 2 Spright Gishki
  • 1 Bystial Thunder Dragon
  • 1 Code Talker Mathmech
  • 1 Dragonmaid Thunder Dragon Bystial
  • 1 Eldlich
  • 1 Grass Tearlaments Thunder Dragon P.U.N.K. Bystial
  • 1 Labrynth
  • 1 Plunder Patroll
  • 1 Spellbook Dracoslayer Endymion Zefra
  • 1 Spright Tri-Brigade


Kai (かい) went 9-0 and finished 1st in “7th Shuto CS 1st Anniversary Tournament” which had 58 participants.

Tearlaments Kashtira is a new card from Photon Hypernova that provides another method for Tearlaments to send cards from deck to the graveyard. Tearlaments Kashtira essentially replaces Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard and Agido the Ancient Sentinel, without the downside of sending cards to the graveyard for the opponent in the mirror match.

Prime Planet Paraisos is another new card that adds a Kashtira monster from deck to hand. It could be used to add Kashtira Fenrir from deck to hand, which in turn can then add Tearlaments Kashtira from deck to hand.

Kashtira Unicorn and Kashtira Papiyas in the Side Deck provides an option to go into Kashtira Arise-Heart. Prime Planet Paraisos could add Kashtira Unicorn from deck to hand, which would then be Special Summoned from hand. Kashtira Unicorn effect would add Kashtira Papiyas from deck to hand, which could then be played to Special Summon Kashtira Fenrir from deck. Kashtira Fenrir effect would then add Tearlaments Kashtira from deck to hand. Tearlaments Kashtira would be Special Summoned from hand, and banish Kashtira Papiyas from the graveyard. Kashtira Unicorn, Kashtira Fenrir and Tearlaments Kashtira could be used to Xyz Summon Kashtira Arise-Heart.

Kashtira Arise-Heart Continuous Effect makes any cards that are sent to the graveyard becomes banished instead, and that would conflict with your own Tearlaments graveyard effect. Hence Kashtira Arise-Heart should be Xyz Summoned after making all your Tearlaments play. It also has another effect that banish 1 card on the field face-down, and is useful for removing the opponent’s card without triggering their graveyard effect.

Alternatively, if the opponent activates their Kashtira Shangri-Ira effect during your turn, then Mind Control could be used to take 1 of their Kashtira monster and use it to Xyz Summon your own Kashtira Arise-Heart.


Sea (しい) went 6-0-1 and finished 1st in “19th Zekken CS in Machida 3v3 Team Tournament” which had 30 teams (90 participants).

Photon Hypernova brought along a whole load of new support cards for Kashtira, propelling Kashtira to top competitive level.

Prime Planet Paraisos adds a Kashtira monster from deck to hand, increasing the consistency of Kashtira. Kashtira Riseheart, Scareclaw Kashtira and Kashtira Papiyas are extenders that aids in making Rank 7 plays.

Kashtira Arise-Heart is also a new threatening monster that allows Kashtira to compete against the metagame. Its Continuous Effect causes any cards sent to the graveyard to become banished instead and is effective against graveyard strategies such as Tearlaments. Kashtira could also run Dimension Shifter to disrupt the opponent, and at the same time it enables Kashtira Spell/Trap ② effect to be activated when they are banished.


Tearlaments continues to be in the lead, while Kashtira follows behind and is off to a good start.

Photon Hypernova has a significant impact on the metagame with the Kashtira cards becoming prevalent in the competitive scene. Most Tearlaments are running a mix of Kashtira cards in their builds, and Kashtira has become a noteworthy threat as a deck itself.

Book of Eclipse is seeing an increase in play in the Side Deck as a counter to Kashtira. It is used to flip Kashtira Shangri-Ira and Kashtira Arise-Heart face-down, effectively shutting down their effects. Being a Quick-Play Spell also allows it to be activated during the Draw Phase or Standby Phase, before Kashtira Shangri-Ira Trigger Effect could be activated to Special Summon a Kashtira monster from deck. However, as Book of Eclipse effect also includes drawing cards, it could be negated by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. The relevant ruling is When your opponent activates “Book of Eclipse”, can you activate the effect of “Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring” in Chain?.

Triple Tactic Tasking is also seeing play in the Side Deck, when going second it is used to fetch that critical Spell/Trap for board breaking.

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12 Responses

  1. Minh Dương says:

    while Kashtira is insane when not being disrupts, they either dies to 1 handtrap (Ash/Imperm/Nib) or 1 board breaker (Raigeki/Evenly/BoE/Lava/Ra), so it will be another tier 0 format of Tearlaments dominating all with 5 turn 0 cards

  2. I guess analytics pushed this single report. Something slightly different. Will be a nice starting point before OCG banlist shuffles the board. I wouldn’t be surprised to see next month going into 1st week of December. Ahead of Cybernetic Access. I mean, it’s cool to see Kash on the listing. In a format where players chase power; everything else loses demand. OCG doesn’t have the same tools to undermine the meta like the TCG.

  3. CoCoA says:

    what a hot mess

  4. Bunny says:

    Wish the Spellbook Pendulum deck was laid out so you could actually see the cards xD.

  5. Alejandro Salazar says:

    Where can I check the bystial thunder dragonmaid?

  6. Chase says:

    Is there some mistake or else because i cant find any tournament in the ref list that has the plunder patroll deck

  7. FreeHarp&Masterplan says:

    it’s so cool to see Spyral come back in the OCG Meta. I hope they will get new supports card and Masterplan come back at 1 in TCG ! Currently the deck is unplayable …

  8. Döner says:

    has there been any DarkWorld top in the OCG since the new maps came out?
    If so does anyone have a profile?

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