OCG 2020.07 Metagame Report #7

Welcome to Week #7 of the OCG 2020.07 format.

This report will tabulate 36 top-performing decks from 7 tournaments that were held in Japan and China Mainland during 15 – 18 August 2020.


Metagame Breakdown

  • 7 Dogmatika Invoked
  • 5 Orcust (2 Orcust, 2 Dragoon Orcust, 1 Mekk-Knight Orcust)
  • 4 Zoodiac (2 Zoodiac, 1 Dragoon Zoodiac, 1 Dogmatika Time Thief Zoodiac)
  • 3 Eldlich
  • 2 Sky Striker
  • 2 SPYRAL
  • 2 Thunder Dragon (1 Thunder Dragon, Invoked Thunder Dragon)
  • 2 Zefra
  • 1 Danger Dark World Tempest Magician FTK
  • 1 Dogmatika Invoked Shaddoll
  • 1 Dragoon Adamancipator
  • 1 Dragoon Phantom Knights
  • 1 Code Talker
  • 1 Mathmech
  • 1 Numeron
  • 1 Virtual World
  • 1 WATER Synchro


Dogmatika Invoked

Hinkinson Louis Takashi “ふぇ” is the World Championship 2018 Japan Representative. He went 7-1 and finished 1st in “Baba CS in Shimokitazawa” which had 48 participants.

He ran 3 Mystical Space Typhoon in the Side Deck, but only 1 Cosmic Cyclone.

On the surface, Cosmic Cyclone seems like a better choice. Banishing Eldlich’s Spell/Trap cards would deny their graveyard effect, and banishing Shaddoll’s Spell/Trap cards would prevent them from being retrieved by the effects of Shaddoll Fusion Monsters.

However, Artifact Lancea is a popular tech card against Dogmatika Invoked. It could be chained to Invocation to deny the opponent from using monsters on the field and in the graveyard as Fusion Materials. This would result in the opponent having to make an unfavorable Fusion Summon if they have the proper Fusion Materials in hand, or Invocation would fizzle with no effect. While the effect of Artifact Lancea is applied, Dogmatika Maximus would not be able to Special Summon itself from hand by activating its ① effect.

Cosmic Cyclone runs the risk of being countered by Artifact Lancea, hence Mystical Space Typhoon might be a better metagame call.



Pitsu-P (ピッP) went 5-3 and finished 4th in “Asaka CS (3v3 Team Battle)” which had 42 teams (126 participants).

He ran 1 Artifact Lancea in the Main Deck to broaden the reach of Crossout Designator. As Artifact Lancea is useful against two of the current top decks Dogmatika Invoked and Orcust, and a good counter to Called by the Grave, it is a reasonable tech card that some players would splash in the Main Deck.



Zoodiac is experiencing a resurgence recently.

When going first, Zoodiac could setup 2 disruption, Number F0: Utopic Draco Future to negate a monster effect and gain control of that monster, and Zoodiac Drident to destroy a face-up card.

When going second, Zoodiac could bring out Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder to wipe the board. Its summoning condition could be easily fulfilled by direct attacking with Zoodiac Boarbow.

ReN went 4-1-3 and finished 1st in “Asaka CS (3v3 Team Battle)” which had 42 teams (126 participants).



Akize (あきぜ) went 8-0 and finished 1st in “Namakobu CS” which had 59 participants.

He ran 2 Mistake in the Main Deck, a powerful card that could cripple many decks.

Dogmatika Invoked is one such deck that relies heavily on adding cards from deck to hand, depending on Magical Meltdown, Aleister the Invoker, Nadir Servant and Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous to start their plays.

Sending 1 monster from your Extra Deck to the GY is part of Nadir Servant effect, and not an activation cost. While Mistake is in play and its effect active, if there are no “Dogmatika” monster or “Fallen of Albaz” in the graveyard, then Nadir Servant cannot be activated. If Nadir Servant is activated, and then Mistake is chained to it while there are no “Dogmatika” monster or “Fallen of Albaz” in the graveyard, then Nadir Servant could not send 1 monster from the Extra Deck to the graveyard to add 1 “Dogmatika” monster or “Fallen of Albaz” from deck to hand, but the player would be unable to Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck for the rest of the turn.



Dogmatika Invoked and Orcust remains at the top, while Zoodiac has a surprising increase.

When building a Side Deck, it is important to also consider the possible counter plays that the opponent could side in.

For example, Dogmatika Invoked and Orcust involves banishing from the graveyard for their plays, thus Artifact Lancea and Imperial Iron Wall are plausible tech cards that the opponent would swap in from the Side Deck to disrupt banishing. This makes cards with banish effects such as Cosmic Cyclone and Evenly Matched a poor choice to run in Dogmatika Invoked and Orcust decks as they could be stopped by Artifact Lancea and Imperial Iron Wall.

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2 Responses

  1. Phoenix Marco says:

    It looks like players are siding Predaplant Chimerafflesia against Maximus in the Dogmatika matchup, to search Super Poly or De-Fusion. Is this the standard anti-Maximus side deck card now, or does Cyber Dragon Nova + Mechaba still see play? Or are there other options people play as well?

    • Spectra says:

      Well the most popular is Fossil Warrior Skull Knight, the second popular choice would be Predaplant Chimerafflesia to search De-fusion or Super poly (into mud dragon or predaplant dragostapelia), Ntss+Nova+Mechaba is seen in decks which have plenty of extra deck space, then some people play Ntss Ntss cause their deck doesnt have that much of a problem dealing with winda

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