OCG 2020.01 Metagame Report #9, #10

Welcome to Week #9, #10 of the OCG 2020.01 format.

This report will tabulate 54 top-performing decks from 7 tournaments that were held in Japan and Vietnam during 29 February – 8 March 2020.


New Product Release

  • Deck Build Pack: Secret Slayers


Metagame Breakdown

  • 7 Dragoon Invoked
  • 7 Orcust (5 Orcust, 1 Dragoon Orcust, 1 Sky Striker Orcust)
  • 6 Sky Striker (5 Dragoon Sky Striker, 1 Sky Striker)
  • 5 SPYRAL (3 SPYRAL, 2 Dragoon SPYRAL)
  • 3 Dragon Link (2 Dragon Link, 1 Dragoon Dragon Link)
  • 3 Eldlich (2 Eldlich, 1 Dragoon Eldlich)
  • 3 Shaddoll (2 Dragoon Shaddoll, 1 Invoked Shaddoll)
  • 3 Thunder Dragon
  • 3 Zefra
  • 2 Altergeist
  • 2 Code Talker
  • 2 Salamangreat (1 Salamangreat, 1 Dragoon Salamangreat)
  • 1 Danger Dark World
  • 1 Dragoon Subterror
  • 1 Infernoid
  • 1 HERO
  • 1 Mythical Beast Endymion
  • 1 World Chalice
  • 1 Zoodiac
  • 1 3-Axis Synchro


Dragoon Invoked

Sirokkokun (シロッコくん) went 6-2 (excluding 1 bye) and finished 2nd in “10th Puchi Alpha CS” (3v3 Team) which had 51 teams (153 participants).

He ran 2 pairs of Dark Magician and Red-Eyes B. Dragon in the Main Deck, allowing him to Fusion Summon a second Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon if the first was taken out.

Running more Normal Monsters does increase the risk of having bricked hands, but the additional DARK monsters are useful for Fusion Summoning Invoked Caliga. Orcust relies on activating multiple monster effects to setup their board and Invoked Caliga would shut down their strategy.

He ran 3 Cyber Dragon in the Side Deck and 1 Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon in the Extra Deck. Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon is great against Sky Striker as it could clear their Link Monsters without triggering Sky Striker Ace – Raye and also Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon summoned in the Extra Monster Zone.



Minto (みんと) went 4-1-1 and finished 3 – 4th in “136th Oretachi Trading Card Club CS ★ 2v2 Team Battle” which had 39 teams (78 participants).

He ran 1 Machina Citadel, 1 Scrap Golem, 1 Scrap Wyvern and 3 Urgent Schedule in the Side Deck.

When going second, Urgent Schedule allows him to Special Summon Scrap Recycler and Machina Citadel from the deck, and they could be used to Link Summon Scrap Wyvern. Activating Scrap Wyvern ① effect to Special Summon Scrap Recycler from the graveyard and then destroy it would trigger Scrap Wyvern ② effect and Machina Citadel ② effect. Scrap Wyvern would Special Summon Scrap Golem from the deck and destroy an opponent’s card, and Machina Citadel would Special Summon itself from the graveyard. Finally, Scrap Golem effect would Special Summon Scrap Recycler from the graveyard, triggering its effect to send an Orcust monster from the deck to graveyard.

From just one Urgent Schedule, this puts multiple monsters on the field that could be used for Link Summoning to clear the opponent’s board, as well as send an Orcust monster to the graveyard, enabling the Orcust combo. This is quite similar to the Shaddoll package of using Shaddoll Fusion to fill the graveyard and setting up the board.


Sky Striker

Yamato (ヤマト) went 5-1-1 and finished 1st in “136th Oretachi Trading Card Club CS ★ 2v2 Team Battle” which had 39 teams (78 participants).

He ran 3 Toon Table of Contents and 1 Toon Cyber Dragon in the Main Deck and 1 Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon in the Extra Deck.

This is an old school strategy of using Toon Table of Contents to quickly fill the graveyard with 3 Spell cards and then ending with a removal in the form of Toon Cyber Dragon for Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon. This is quite useful in the Sky Striker mirror match, especially with more builds gravitating towards Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon.



In the final week of the OCG 2020.01 format, Dragoon Invoked had a burst to tie up with Orcust, while Sky Striker and SPYRAL are not too far behind.

Eldlich is a new theme from Deck Build Pack: Secret Slayers and has a respectable showing in its first week of debut. The current successful build runs Eldlich as a Trap-heavy control deck with Skill Drain.

The next OCG 2020.04 format will bring forth a new era with the new Master Rule (1 April 2020 Revision).

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  • 2020-03-08 | SCS (1st: A, B, C | 2nd: A, B, C)
  • 2020-03-07 | 30th Garosu CS wityh Osaka Yugi (1st: A, B, C | 2nd: A, B, C | 3 – 4th: A, B, C | 3 – 4th: A, B, C)

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