OCG 2019.07 Metagame Report #3

Welcome to Week #3 of the OCG 2019.07 format.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, Dragon Raises Its Head!

This report will tabulate 56 top-performing decks from 8 tournaments that were held in Japan and China during 20 – 23 July 2019.


New Product Release

  • V Jump September 2019 promotional card
    • Tenyi Master of the Dragon Fist
  • Jump Victory Carnival 2019 promotional card
    • Binary Blader


Metagame Breakdown

  • 16 Dragon Link
    • 15 Chaos Dragon Link
    • 1 Grass Chaos Dragon Link
  • 8 Salamangreat
  • 7 Sky Striker
  • 7 Thunder Dragon
  • 5 Altergeist
  • 3 Orcust
  • 2 Mythical Beast Endymion
  • 2 Subterror
  • 1 Cyber Dragon
  • 1 Madolche
  • 1 Magician
  • 1 Train
  • 1 World Chalice
  • 1 Zefra


Dragon Link

Kai (かい) went 9-0 (excluding 1 bye) and finished 1st in “Super! Ryusei no Arashi Cup with Hatti CS Individual Battle” which had 101 participants.

He chose to run 3 PSY-Framegear Gamma in his Main Deck, instead of the more common 3 Crossout Designator.

This might have caught a few of his opponent by surprise during Game 1 as PSY-Framegear Gamma is much more commonly seen in the Side Deck.


Shentong (神童) went 8-1-1 (excluding 2 byes) and finished 1st in “Duel City 2019 Guangzhou” which had 200 participants.

Not only does That Grass Looks Greener fill up the graveyard resources, it also increase the ways to get Chaos Emperor, the Dragon of Armageddon and Chaos Dragon Levianeer into the hand.

If they were sent to the graveyard by That Grass Looks Greener, then they could be retrieved with Starliege Dragon Seyfert. Otherwise, if they are still in the deck, then they could be fetched with Eclipse Wyvern.



TKG’ went 8-0 (excluding 1 bye) and finished 1st in “9th Aso Vic Cup” which had 57 participants.

Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix is a new addition from the latest booster pack Chaos Impact.

Against Sky Striker, opening with Anti-Spell Fragrance will force them to set their Spell cards. Then following up with Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix to wipe their board is often a checkmate.


Sky Striker

Massuu (まっすー) went 6-1-1 and finished 1 – 2nd in “Echigo YCS with Hatti” which had 48 participants.

He ran PSY-Framegear Gamma in his Side Deck, as opposed to Artifact Lancea.

Although Artifact Lancea is quite good against Dragon Link, it is limited to just this match-up.

PSY-Framegear Gamma on the other hand is more versatile. It is good against Dragon Link and can be sided in against Thunder Dragon. Disrupting the limited Thunder Dragonhawk would make it much more difficult for Thunder Dragon to bring out Thunder Dragon Colossus.


Thunder Dragon

Wuxian (无限) went 11-1 and finished 1 – 2nd in “Echigo YCS with Hatti” which 48 participants.

He ran 3 Skill Drain in the Main Deck to deny Dragon Link and Salamangreat from developing their board.

Although it turns off the effects of his Thunder Dragons too, their high ATK makes it difficult for the opponent to breakthrough without using Monster Effects.



Dragon Link takes a strong lead, pulling ahead of Salamangreat, Sky Striker, Thunder Dragon. The boost from Starliege Dragon Seyfert was evident in propelling it ahead.

Artifact Lancea and PSY-Framegear Gamma are two of the more popular ‘hand trap’ against Dragon Link.

Super Polymerization for Starving Venom Fusion Dragon is on an upward trend.

When the opponent triggers Topologic Gumblar Dragon during your turn in an attempt to discard your hand, Super Polymerization can be chained to it to take out Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss and Borreload Savage Dragon in one fell swoop.

It would be difficult for the opponent to clear Starving Venom Fusion Dragon after having depleted their resources, and even if they could, Starving Venom Fusion Dragon‘s trigger effect would clear their Special Summoned monsters.

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