OCG 2019.07 Metagame Report #2

Welcome to Week #2 of the OCG 2019.07 format.

This report will tabulate 82 top-performing decks from 11 tournaments that were held in Japan and China during 13 – 15 July 2019.


New Product Release

  • Chaos Impact


Metagame Breakdown

  • 15 Sky Striker
  • 12 Dragon Link
  • 8 Salamangreat
  • 7 Thunder Dragon
  • 6 Rokket
  • 5 Endymion
    • 3 Mythical Beast Endymion
    • 2 Odd-Eyes Mythical Beast Endymion
  • 5 Trickstar
  • 4 Subterror
  • 4 Zefra
  • 3 Altergeist
  • 2 HERO
  • 1 Invoked Thunder Dragon
  • 1 Lair of Darkness
  • 1 Lunalight
  • 1 Madolche
  • 1 Magician
  • 1 Mekk-Knight
  • 1 Murakumo Da Eiza
  • 1 Orcust
  • 1 Sekka Burning Abyss
  • 1 Wind-Up
  • 1 Zombie


Sky Striker

Mahiru (まひる) went 8-1 and finished 1st in “38th Takatsuki CS with Hatti CS”.

He has chosen Kaiser Colosseum over Mystic Mine or There Can Be Only One to deny opponents from swarming.

With Metaverse limited, Mystic Mine is no longer as accessible as before. This put Kaiser Colosseum in a better position. It does not have a self-destructing drawback, and the opponent would not be able to go into Knightmare Phoenix to destroy it.

There Can Be Only One being a Trap Card has the disadvantage of being stopped by Red Reboot. Especially as more and more Sky Striker are running Solemn Judgment, Dragon Link is very likely to be siding in Red Reboot to counter it.


Dragon Link

Chaos Impact has given Dragon Link a boost in the form of Starliege Dragon Seyfert.

Starliege Dragon Seyfert is a LIGHT Dragon monster with an effect that adds a Dragon monster from deck to hand, giving it incredible synergy with Dragon Link and increasing the deck’s consistency. The ② effect is also useful for recycling Chaos Emperor, the Dragon of Armageddon or Chaos Dragon Levianeer.

Dice went 6-1-1 and finished 2nd in “103rd Aichi CS with Team Battle in NextPro Osu Shop with Hatti!” which had 30 teams (90 participants).

Starliege Dragon Seyfert allows him to cut out Draconnet to focus on a more Dragon-centric build.

He also ran Tenyi Spirit – Adhara, a Level 1 Tuner monster that can be Special Summoned. Adhara when combined with a Level 4 non-Tuner monster allows him to Synchro Summon Ib the World Chalice Justiciar to go into the standard Guardragon combo.



At the first glance, Rokket could be easily mistaken for Dragon Link, but there is quite a difference in their playstyle, despite running the same Guardragons.

Dragon Link is an explosive combo deck that relies on Eclipse Wyvern to extend their plays with Chaos Emperor, the Dragon of Armageddon and Chaos Dragon Levianeer.

Rokket, on the other hand, cuts out the Dragons and focus on just the basic Rokket components to pull off the Guardragon combo. The trade-off is a less explosive opening, but increased consistency. The freed up space also allows the deck to run more ‘hand traps’.

The typical end board consists of Saryuja Skull Dread, Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss and Borreload Savage Dragon. Skull Dread would have activated its ●4 effect, reloading the hand with ‘hand traps’ to supplement the double negations in disrupting the opponent.

Mikan (みかん) went 7-0-1 and finished 1st in “10th Ryuppy CS with Hatti” which had 55 participants.



Sky Striker and Dragon Link takes the lead this week, but Salamangreat, Thunder Dragon and Rokket are not too far behind.

Chaos Impact has given Dragon Link a good boost and the deck will continue to be optimized around Starliege Dragon Seyfert.

However, there is also a possibility that players will switch over from Dragon Link to Rokket.

At the forefront of the Rokket development is Shinomoto Ryo (しの), a renowned Japanese player that is best known for refining Plant Link back in the OCG 2018.01 format.

The deck has performed extremely well in “59th Adachi CS with Hatti CS” (3v3 Team), being piloted by 3 different players to a Top 2 finish for their teams.

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  • 2019-07-15 | 59th Adachi CS with Hatti CS (1 – 2nd: A, B, C | 1 – 2nd: A, B, C | 3 – 4th: A, B, C | 3 – 4th: A, B, C)
  • 2019-07-15 | 38th Takatsuki CS with Hatti CS (1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th)

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