OCG 2018.04 Metagame Report #6

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  1. Invoked Shaddoll decklist please

  2. GNKO says:

    greener hero abc ftk :O the creativity is real

  3. Jahja says:

    Why are altergeists underperforming 🙁

    • Akira says:

      Altergeist is mainly better against decks that are reliant on Monsters and Monster Effects, because they can respond with Altergeist Silquitous and Altergeist Protocol.

      The current competitive scene is mainly Sentouki whose power play comes from their Spell cards. The recent Sentouki build is also running multiple Mystical Space Typhoon and Twin Twisters, giving Altergeist a very hard time.

  4. MornStar says:

    Thanks for your report!. But it seems something wrong about the percentage of Altergeists in the line chart. It is 7.9% in the pie chart while 12.0% in the line chart.

  5. sashalafleur says:

    Could you explain the Strikeblade combo without Sorceress?

    • Sky Striker Ace - Raye says:

      oh yea, i can explain.combo starts out the same until Needlefiber and the Token is on the field. Needlefiber summons out Glow-up Bulb. link Glow up bulb into Linkuriboh. use Glow-up Bulb affect in the grave to spec. summon it. Link Summon Borrelsword dragon using Glow Up, Needlefiber and Linkuriboh. Spec. Summon Hayate using the Token. Hayate attacks a monster with 1500atk or higher inorder for it to suicide and send Brandish Maiden Rei to grave. use Rei effect to special summon it’self in attack position. Attack with Borrelsword Dragon (using it’s effect to gain half of its attack) destroying there monster and resulting in 3000 damage. attack with Rei for an additional 1500 damage. Then use Borrelsword’s effect. Change Rei into defense postion and doingso, Borrelsword will get an additional attack with a boost of attack

      3750+1500+3750=9000 (if Hayate attacks a 1500atk monster)

    • Sky Striker Ace - Raye says:

      oh yea the monster Hayate is attacking must be 1500 atk or more

    • Sky Striker Ace - Raye says:

      and will only work if opponent controls only 1 monster

    • Kagari Iris says:

      Hmm. I think you can deal more dam with this combo: activate honet bit summon 1 token. Using token to summon kagari, kagari add honet bit, then using kagari to summon hayate. Activate honet bit and summon 1 more token, using that token to summon linkuriboh. Normal summon a tuner we have, link summon needlefiber by using linkuriboh and tuner, needle summon glow ub bulb to the field. Using the eff of linkuriboh from grave, tribute glow and summon itself. Then using eff of glow to summon itself. Finally, summon borrelsword using needle+linkuriboh+glow. With this combo, when hayate is sent to grave, rei revive; borrelsword attack, then rei attack, and borrel change rei to def and attack again, finally, using quick effect of rei to summon shizuku to get 1 more attack. If your opponent control only 1 monster with 1500 atk, they will receive 3000+1500+3000+1500=9000 dam XD

    • sashalafleur says:

      Kagari. There’s a mistake in your combo. Raye quick effect can only special summon the link monster in Extra Monster Zone, but it’s occupied by Borrelsword, so you can’t use Raye quick effect.

    • Kagari says:

      No no. Maybe you didn’t understand my combo. When ending combo, the field has Sentouki Hayate in EXTRA MONSTER ZONE and borrelaword in main monster zone. In case, when Hayate leaves the field, there are still no monster in extra monster zone, so i can use rei ‘s eff normally

    • Kagari says:

      Look at my combo. It use linkuriboh and tuner to summon needlefiber. So exactly borrelsword will be summoned in the link maker of Hayate

    • Sky Striker Ace - Raye says:

      yea, Kagari’s play too works. it will still deal a similar amount of damage while receiving 1 link arrow in the main monster zone, while my play, i recieve 2 link arrows in the main monster zone. but either play works. I just don’t want to summon Shizuku cuz if it’s going to be an otk, no need for the search in the EP lol

    • Sky Striker Ace - Raye says:

      whoops nvm kagari, i dont think it works lol, tried it out myself. ur way doesn’t work cuz Needlefiber, and glow up cant make borrelsword

    • Kagari says:

      Why? Needle + linkuriboh + glow ub = borrelsword. And with this combo, even if you can’t perform an OTK, you can send borrelsword to grave by the eff of multirole or airspace area zero so you can continue to play due no monster in main monster zone

  6. Can someone please show me the invoked shaddoll decklist 🙁

  7. Phili-d96 says:

    Can someone show me the palladium deck

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