OCG 2018.04 Metagame Report #2

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10 Responses

  1. RanserSSF4 says:

    can someone explain how lair of darkness noids just disappeared after just one week? i get anti-spell fragrance and imperior order, but they weren’t played a lot for the 1st week. are those the main reason or am i missing something?

  2. Not a big drop for Sentoki I think. Zefra is coming back.

  3. MornStar says:

    There is a typo on surface image. It should be #2 instead of #1

  4. Dynetic says:

    can anyone find that kozmo deck?

  5. hola says:

    whats the point on runninhg the sentouki engine inabc if arent play the disruptiion cards

  6. Moises Castro Ceron says:

    Really nice post, but someone can provide the decklist ABC?.. there is some card I don’t know their names and I would love knowing what they does there. Thanks in advance 😀

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