OCG 2018.04 Metagame Report #1

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16 Responses

  1. In the ABC section, you say that Trickstar Lightstage is for searching Trickstar Candina, but in the deck profile it appears to be Trickstar Carobein. I assume the latter is correct?

    What’s it in the deck for, anyway? Just a Special Summonable non-Tuner for Needlefiber, that can be searched by a card they already want for Spell/Trap lockdown?

    • Akira says:

      It was a typo, I meant to say Trickstar Carobein. Thank you for pointing it out.

      Yes, Carobein is mainly played for being able to be Special Summoned, to turbo out Needlefiber. Carobein’s main advantage is being searchable by Set Rotation and Terraforming.

      SPYRAL Resort and SPYRAL Super Agent were also played for the same purpose in some builds.

  2. Tungnon says:

    ABC uses Carobein not Candina.

  3. Mike sav says:

    Can you explain me the 2 card combo of zefra?

  4. Kagari says:

    How can metalfoes zefra build the field with needlefiber, omega and denglong?

  5. Tethys says:

    My question is why would the Sentouki decks play jet synchron over glow up bulb.

    • Akira says:

      Summon Sorceress requires 2+ monsters with the same Type, except Tokens to Link Summon. Crystron Needlefiber and Jet Synchron are both Machine-Type, whereas Glow-Up Bulb is a Plant-Type.

  6. Setiny says:

    Metalfoes Zefra combo:
    Goldriver + zefraath
    Activate goldriver and zefraath
    Zefraath sends zefraniu to ex
    Pendulum zefraniu from ex
    Zefraniu searches providence and oracle to zefrawendi
    Goldriver destroys zefraath to set metalfoes fusion
    Summon zefrawendi to add zefraath back to hand
    Wendi+niu link Electrumite
    Electrumite sends astrograph to ex
    Electrumite destroys goldriver to add astrograph back to hand
    Astrograph special summons himself and searches goldriver
    Electrumite draws a card
    Activate metalfoes fusion zefraath+goldriver into mithrilium
    Mithrilium+Electrumite link summon sorcerer
    Mithrilium revives goldriver
    Summon sorcerer targets astrograph to special summon effect veiler
    Effect veiler+Goldriver synchro Denglong
    Denglong search nine pillar
    Denglong+astrograph link needlefiber
    Denglong special summons zefraniu
    Needlefiber special summons ghost ogre
    Metalfoes fusion returns to the deck and draw a card

    In case the metalfoes monster is silverd sorcerer can target silverd for PSY framegear

  7. DortmunderJungs says:

    Where did Infernoid Lair go??

  8. DortmunderJungs says:

    Where did Lair Infernoid go???

  9. Dũng Lê Xuân says:

    trickstar out ???? 🙁

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