Asia Campus League 2023 Philippines

Asia Campus League 2023 Philippines was held on 28 October 2023 and had 60 participants.


  • 5 rounds of Swiss, Top 16 Single-Elimination
1st Martin Owen Gonzalez Calleja Sinful Spoils Fire King
2nd Van Joseph Lipana Unchained
3 – 4th Aaron Cyril C. Yap Floowandereeze
Aian-Jhay Maculata Unchained Labrynth

1st, Martin Owen Gonzalez Calleja [Sinful Spoils Fire King]

Source: CharlieBoy Hobbies : JustbeHappy103

2nd, Van Joseph Lipana [Unchained]

Source: Al Fredo

3 – 4th, Aaron Cyril C. Yap [Floowandereeze]

Source: Aaron Cyril C. Yap

3 – 4th, Aian-Jhay Maculata [Unchained Labrynth]

Source: Aian-Jhay Maculata

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3 Responses

  1. Wigggles521 says:

    HI! I’m the floowandereeze player than went 3-4th place, id be more than happy to send my deck list to be posted here if I may!

  2. Wigggles521 says:

    Duelist: Aaron Cyril C. Yap
    Main deck:
    2x empen
    3x robina
    3x eglen
    1x toccan
    1x stri
    1x apex avian
    1x mega ryza
    3x jowgen the spiritualist
    2x dimension shifter
    2x ash blossom
    1x maxx c
    3x advent of adventure
    2x unexplored winds
    2x magnificent map
    3x pot of duality
    2x pot of extravagance
    1x pot of prosperity
    2x called by the grave
    2x book of moon
    1x terraforming
    1x harpies feather duster
    1x dreaming town
    1x harpies deather storm

    Extra deck:
    2x lyrilusc assembled nightingale
    1x linkuriboh
    1x IP masquerena
    1x accescode talker
    1x salamangreat heatleo
    1x relinquished anima
    1x frightfur kraken
    1x eria the water charmer – Gentle
    1x downered magician
    1x mekk knight crusadia avramax
    1x knightmare unicorn
    1x predaplant dragostapelia
    1x Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder
    1x Kikinagashi Fucho

    Side Deck:
    1x The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode
    1x nibiru
    1x dimensional fissure
    2x dark ruler no more
    2x lightning storm
    2x infinite impermanence
    2x macro cosmos
    3x evenly matched

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