OCG 2017.04 Metagame Report #5

Welcome to Week #5 of the OCG 2017.04 format.

Return of the Zoodiac.

This report will tabulate 58 top-performing decks from 7 tournaments that were held in Japan and China during 29 – 30 April 2017.


New Product Release

  • Master Guide 5 promotional cards
    • Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon
    • D/D/D Superdoom King Purplish Armageddon


Metagame Breakdown

  • 24 Zoodiac:
    • 12 Mono Zoodiac
    • 12 True Draco Zoodiac
  • 17 True Draco:
    • 7 Demise True Draco
    • 4 Mono True Draco
    • 3 Windwitch Spellbook True Draco
    • 2 Invoked True Draco
    • 1 Invoked Spellbook True Draco
  • 7 Dinosaur:
    • 6 True King Dinosaur
    • 1 True King Yang Zing Dinosaur
  • 4 Dinosaur Yang Zing
  • 2 Brilliant Venus Stargrail
  • 1 Greener Infernoid
  • 1 HERO
  • 1 True Draco Metalfoes Kozmo
  • 1 Windwitch Trickstar Invoked



Zoodiac is back at the top this week with both the Trap-heavy Mono Zoodiac variant and the True Draco Zoodiac variant performing equally well.

Macro Cosmos is the most impactful card in the current metagame – True Draco’s Continuous Spell and Trap cards, and Dinosaur’s Petiteranodon and Babycerasaurus both need to be sent to the graveyard to have their Trigger Effects activate. This gives Mono Zoodiac an absolute advantage when going first.

When going second, Mono Zoodiac has a huge arsenal of “Hand Traps” to disrupt the opponent’s game plan.

Overall, Mono Zoodiac has one of the most favorable odds when going either first or second, as the deck can adjust the Trap Cards and “Hand Traps” ratio accordingly between Duels.

The choice of running Santa Claws over Kaiju in the Side Deck is because Santa Claws is special summoned in Defense Position, and thus can be easily removed using Zoodiac Whiptail without losing the Zoodiac Xyz Monster.


True Draco Zoodiac (or Master Peace Zoodiac) is the more moderate approach.

It combines the best of Zoodiac and True Draco, and is much less vulnerable to Forbidden Chalice.

Similarly, it is also running Macro Cosmos in the Side Deck.


True Draco

The popularity of Macro Cosmos this week has made Demise True Draco the preferred True Draco variant.

Invoked and Spellbook fare poorly against Macro Cosmos.



Midway into the OCG 2017.04 format, we are experiencing a sudden resurgence of Zoodiac as a top contender.

The rising popularity of Macro Cosmos was a big hit to Dinosaur as its numbers took a plunge this week.

The Asia Championship 2017 Summer Qualifiers will begin this coming weekend, starting off with Thailand.



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4 Responses

  1. Isaac says:

    What deck is brilliant venus stargrail?

    • Akira says:

      It’s a Stargrail deck that runs Brilliant Fusion and The Agent of Creation – Venus to aid in Link Summoning.
      The key card this time round is the addition of Transmodify to turn Stargrail’s Fairy Ries into The Agent of Creation – Venus.

  2. Morn Star says:

    Thanks for your report! I learnt a lot from it.
    By the way, the tournaments held in China are called “Duel City” instead of “Battle City”. Could you please change the name from the next report? Thanks !

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