New Year Carnival 2023 Taiwan

Yu-Gi-Oh! New Year Carnival 2023 Taiwan was held on 26 March 2023 and had 127 participants. This is an invite-only tournament consisting of top players from the Store Qualifiers.


  • 7 rounds of Swiss
  • Top 8 wins a New Year Carnival 2023 playmat featuring Zoodiac Tigermortar and Zoodiac Bunnyblast
1st Chuang Tzu Hsien (莊子賢) Grass Superheavy Samurai Ishizu Vernusylph Adamancipator
2nd Kuo Yu Chia (郭祐嘉) Purrely
3rd Huang Chieh Yu (黃傑佑) Ishizu Purrely
4th Mei Yeh Hsuan (梅業宣) Dragon Link
5th Lin Pin Hao (林品豪) Runick
6th Yang Chih Chieh (楊智傑) Kashtira
7th Chen Yen Yu (陳彥佑) Runick
8th Chien Yen Tzu (簡延諮) Ishizu Tearlaments
9th Lai Yan Jun (賴彥均)
10th Liu Yu Hao (劉有浩)
11th Hsu Li Te (許立德)
12th Kao Liang Chun (高莨鈞)
13th Lin Yu Feng (林育峰)
14th Kuo Tsung Ying (郭宗穎)
15th Cheng Yu En (鄭宇恩) Ishizu Tearlaments
16th Tu Shao Wei (杜少崴)

New Year Carnival 2023 Taiwan Top 4

New Year Carnival 2023 Taiwan Top 8

3rd, Huang Cheng Yao [Ishizu Purrely]

Source: @Cheng_Yaoh


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