New Year Carnival 2023 Malaysia

Yu-Gi-Oh! New Year Carnival 2023 Malaysia was held on 26 March 2023 and had 22 participants. This is an invite-only tournament consisting of top players from the Store Qualifiers.


  • 5 rounds of Swiss, Top 8 Single-Elimination
  • Top 8 wins a New Year Carnival 2023 playmat featuring Zoodiac Tigermortar and Zoodiac Bunnyblast
1st Charles Loo Wei Jing Vanquish Soul
2nd Khaw Zhe Kang Vaylantz
3rd Exosister
4th Wong Junyang Eldlich

1st, Charles Loo [Vanquish Soul]

Source: @weijingg

2nd, Khaw Zhe Kang [Vaylantz]

Source: @kang99kz

4th, Wong Junyang [Eldlich]

Source: Wong Junyang

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