Duelist Cup 2023 Taiwan Hsinchu Regional Qualifier

Duelist Cup 2023 Taiwan Hsinchu Regional Qualifier was held on 20 May 2023 and had 280 participants.


  • 7 rounds of Swiss
  • Top 12 players are invited to Duelist Cup 2023 Taiwan Final
1st Hsu Fang Wei (徐芳緯) Kashtira
2nd Lin Yen Hsu (林彥緒)
3rd Lai Kuan Cheng (賴冠誠)
4th Hsieh Ming Ta (謝明達) Ishizu Kashtira Tearlaments
5th Huang Chieh (黃傑) Ishizu Kashtira Tearlaments
6th Lin Hung Cheng (林弘程)
7th Liu Pin Wei (劉品瑋) Mathmech
8th Lin Yung Chieh (林永杰) Crystal Beast
9th Chen Yuan Hong (沈元鴻) Purrely
10th Chao Chi Cheng (趙啟正)
11th Li Wei Sheng (李偉生) Kashtira
12th Li Chen Liang (李晨亮) Purrely

4th, Hsieh Ming Ta [Ishizu Kashtira Tearlaments]

Source: @jQIvTOb9VLvhcmA

5th, Huang Chieh [Ishizu Kashtira Tearlaments]

Source: @FcgRjay

7th, Liu Pin Wei [Mathmech]

Source: @CROS_JP050

9th, Chen Yuan Hong [Purrely]

Source: @excatfan

11th, Li Wei Sheng [Kashtira]

Source: @MongaJin0207

12th, Li Chen Liang [Purrely]

Source: @24hoshiiii

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