Duelist Cup 2022 Taiwan

Duelist Cup 2022 Taiwan Final was held on 6 August 2022 and had 69 participants. This is an invite-only tournament comprising of top players from the Hsinchu, Taipei and Kaohsiung Qualifiers.


  • 6 rounds of Swiss, Top 8 Single-Elimination
  • Structure Deck R: Devil’s Gate is not allowed
1st Tsang Pok Man (曾博文) Ishizu Tearlaments
2nd Hsieh Ming Hsuan (謝明軒) Ishizu Tearlaments
3rd She Wei Hao (佘威皜) Ishizu Tearlaments
4th Zhang Ya Hao (張雅皓) Spright
5 – 8th Sun Hao Zhe (孫浩哲) Ishizu Tearlaments
Lin Jin An (林瑾安) Spright
Chyan Hung (錢宏) Spright
Chen Bo Nian (陳柏年) Spright

Duelist Cup 2022 Taiwan Champion
Tsang Pok Man

1st, Tsang Pok Man [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: @Marco05278598

2nd, Hsieh Ming Hsuan [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: @MING_HSUAN_623

5 – 8th, Sun Hao Zhe [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: @itoko0724


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