CCT 2021 Nanjing

China City Tournament 2021 Nanjing was held on 26 February 2022 and had 250 participants.


  • 7 rounds of Swiss, Top 16 Single-Elimination


1st J-Y@CT Grass Adventurer Branded Shaddoll
2nd Navi Branded Predaplant
3 – 4th 普通帅哥 @Ignister
瑞玛 Adventurer Marincess
5 – 8th 大刀@BBQ Branded Despia
Tenyi Swordsoul
Adventurer Branded Despia
9 – 16th 暗律@CN Adventurer Branded Despia
光脉ともり Sky Striker
向神迈进的人 Floowandereeze
  P.U.N.K. Therion


CCT 2021 Nanjing Top 4


1st, J-Y@CT [Grass Adventurer Branded Shaddoll]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏


2nd, Navi [Branded Predaplant]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏


3 – 4th, 普通帅哥 [@Ignister]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏, 决斗都市DuelCity


3 – 4th, 瑞玛 [Adventurer Marincess]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏


5 – 8th, [Tenyi Swordsoul]

Source: 上位卡组吧



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5 Responses

  1. Xibbas says:

    Anyone have that PUNK Therion list?

  2. AKN says:

    It is worth mentioning that the 2nd player chose to abandon the game because of the improper result of the judge. So the 1st andthe 2nd of this game are of little significance.

  3. Marti says:

    If anyone has a list of the 5th players dekc id like to check it out

  4. xyldaz says:

    What is the name of the level 4 light monster in the predaplant decklist? Can’t find it anywhere!

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