Card Stores in Kanazawa

Korinbo, Katamachi and Tatemachi are a popular shopping and entertainment area in Kanazawa. Korinbo’s shopping malls and department stores, Katamachi’s restaurants and bars, and Tatemachi’s fashion and pop culture street, makes for a very vibrant shopping and dining experience in Kanazawa. Amidst the lively nightlife are two card shops situated in Korinbo and Tatemachi.

TC Bato Loco Kanazawa Ekimae
(TC バトロコ金沢駅前)

Address: Live1 B1F,
3-2 Konohanamachi, Kanazawa,
Ishikawa 920-0852, Japan
ライブ1 B1F)
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Sat, Sun and Hol 10:00am – 9:00pm
Twitter: @batoloco_knzw

Bato Loco is a chain store in Japan, and their Main Store in Kanazawa is located right beside the Kanazawa Station. At the basement of the Live1 building, TC Bato Loco Kanazawa Ekimae has a massive playing area with an equally impressive card inventory.

TC Bato Loco Satellite Kanazawa Korinbo
(TC バトロコsatellite金沢香林坊)

Address: Tokyu Square 4F,
2-1-1 Korinbo, Kanazawa,
Ishikawa 920-0961, Japan
東急スクエア 4F)
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Sat, Sun and Hol 10:00am – 9:00pm
Twitter: @batoloco_kou

Newly opened in May 2023, TC Bato Loco Satellite Kanazawa Korinbo is situated on the 4th floor of Tokyu Square shopping mall. It is significantly smaller than their Main Store at Kanazawa Ekimae, but still has a decent playing space. It has the convenience of being in the heart of Korinbo shopping district.

Hobby Station Kanazawa Shop

Address: BELSEL 3F,
24 Tatemachi, Kanazawa,
Ishikawa 920-0997, Japan
Opening Hours: 11:00pm – 8:00pm
Twitter: @hbstkanazawa

Located along Tatemachi shopping street is BELSEL, a store filled with fashion and pop culture. Hobby Station Kanazawa Shop is on the 3rd floor of BELSEL, sharing the space with Animate.

Hobby Station is a chain store and their Kanazawa shop is the only store in Ishikawa. Their card inventory is relatively dated but they have a good playing space.


These are the only 3 card stores in Kanazawa, at least within the vicinity of the city center. The card inventory of these card stores are smaller compared to stores in Nagoya or Osaka, but they do have the best pricing and you could possibly find a good deal if you look through their discount piles.

There is also a Hareruya card shop which specialized in Magic: The Gathering about two stations away at Fukuhisa.

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