Burst Stream Cup Summer 2019 Taipei Qualifier

The Burst Stream Cup Summer 2019 Taipei Qualifier was held on 31 August – 1 September 2019 at Taipei, Taiwan.

The Taipei Qualifier D1 and D2 had 80 participants each.


About Burst Stream

Burst Stream (白龍咆哮) is an initiative brought to fruition by Tommy (湯米), a renown eSports personality from Taiwan, best known for casting various tournaments such as the League of Legends Master Series (LMS).

The first Burst Stream event was held on 14 May 2019 and saw over 500 duelists gathered together to socialise and have friendly games amongst each other. This resounding success opened up the possibility for a second Burst Stream event through crowdfunding.

In addition to the friendly gathering, the second event features a Burst Stream Cup, a tournament for the more competitive-inclined duelists. The Burst Stream Cup consists of 3 qualifiers (Top 4 players from the Taipei Qualifier Day 1, Top 4 players from the Taipei Qualifier Day 2, Top 8 players from the Taichung Qualifier) and then followed by a Grand Final among these 16 players.


Carry Studio

The Taipei Qualifier was held at Carry Studio, an eStadium previously known as Blizzard Arena Taipei. Equipped with state-of-the-art live-event facilities, the live-stream production value of the Burst Stream Cup is of the highest quality.

Videos of the Burst Stream Cup Summer 2019 Taipei Qualifiers are available on Twitch:
《2019 遊戲王 白龍咆哮盃》夏季賽Day1
《2019 遊戲王 白龍咆哮盃》夏季賽Day2


Burst Stream Friendly

The stage for the Taipei Qualifier was hosted by 學長Abby, providing a very professional run of the event.

Various other guests were also invited, giving everyone a chance to meet with their favourite personalities.

Videos of their experience are available on YouTube:
•ABULAE: 【遊戲王】挑戰再開!閃刀小王子慘遭無情碾壓?第二屆白龍咆嘯盃參上!| ABULAE feat. 湯米
•帥狗: 【帥狗遊戲王】保證沒人碰過的開卡包囧境_白龍咆哮盃 P.1 ft. 湯米Tommy、學長Abby、SHINN、阿布雷Abulae


Burst Stream Cup Taipei Qualifier D1

1 – 4th Alvin Hsu (許世融) Salamangreat
Huang Shin En (黃新恩) Dragon Link
Yang Che Fei (楊哲非) Lunalight
Benson Lu (盧震邦) Dragon Link


1 – 4th, Alvin Hsu [Salamangreat]


1 – 4th, Huang Shin En [Dragon Link]


1 – 4th, Yang Che Fei [Lunalight]


1 – 4th, Benson Lu [Dragon Link]


Burst Stream Cup Taipei Qualifier D2

1 – 4th Chen Po Han (陳柏翰) Mekk-Knight Invoked
Lin Yen Hsu (林彥緒) Subterror
Wei Wei (魏瑋) Orcust
Huang Chieh (黃傑) Salamangreat


1 – 4th, Chen Po Han [Mekk-Knight Invoked]


1 – 4th, Lin Yen Hsu [Subterror]


1 – 4th, Wei Wei [Orcust]


1 – 4th, Huang Chieh [Salamangreat]

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