Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tally

The following table is a tally of all Top 4 finishes in the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG/TCG World Championships, based on the total placement count of each region.

This ranking is ordered in a similar style as the Olympics – they are sorted by the amount of 1st-place finishes, followed by 2nd-place finishes, and finally 3rd/4th-place finishes.

World Championship Tally

Rank Region 1st 2nd 3 – 4th Total
1 Japan 8 3 6 17
2 Chinese Taipei 2 2 1 5
3 United States 1 4 8 13
4 Italy 1 2 4 7
5 Hong Kong 1 2 3
6 Panama 1 1 2 4
7 Singapore 1 1 1 3
8 Canada 1 1 2
Greece 1 1 2
10 Chile 1 1
11 Australia 1 1 2
12 Mexico 1 1
Peru 1 1
14 Korea 3 3
15 Germany 2 2
Thailand 2 2
17 Austria 1 1
Colombia 1 1
Great Britain 1 1
Poland 1 1
  • Japan holds the record for the longest win streak of 3 consecutive years, winning the World Championship in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • Hiyama Shunsuke is the very first and only two-time World Champion, winning the World Championship in 2015 and 2016.
  • Galileo De Obaldia has made the most appearances at the OCG/TCG World Championships, having earned his World Championship invitation in 2010, 2011, 2015, 2018 and 2019.

World Championship

Tokyo, Japan
1st Paul Stephen Aronson United States
2nd Juan Mateo Augusto Renteria Pastor Peru
3 – 4th Jeremy Taeron Mitchell United States
Santiago Marin Lopez Colombia
Berlin, Germany
1st Kosaka Kouki Japan
2nd Wang Chia Ching Chinese Taipei
3rd Angel Fernando Ovalle Panama
4th Dakota Angeloff United States
Chiba, Japan
1st Wang Chia Ching Chinese Taipei
2nd Bohdan Temnyk Australia
3rd Francesco Simoncelli Italy
4th Jung Seung-Chul Korea
Tokyo, Japan
1st Tsujimura Ryosuke Japan
2nd Milton Chua Singapore
3rd Marcello Barberi Italy
4th Michael Forner Italy
Orlando, United States
1st Hiyama Shunsuke Japan
2nd Erik Christensen United States
3rd Kajihara Soichiro Japan
4th Matthew Casiero Australia
Kyoto, Japan
1st Hiyama Shunsuke Japan
2nd Galileo De Obaldia Panama
3rd Hasegawa Akira Japan
4th Chase Cunningham United States
Rimini, Italy
1st Sehabi Kheireddine Canada
2nd Hiyama Shunsuke Japan
3rd Oliver Tomajko United States
4th Niccoló Mazzoleni Italy
Las Vegas, United States
1st Huang Shin En Chinese Taipei
2nd David Keener United States
3rd Weerapun Suebyoubol Thailand
4th Kudou Hiromi Japan
Roppongi, Japan
1st Saito Akikazu Japan
2nd Stefano Memoli Italy
3rd Joshua Schmidt Germany
4th Wesley Seek Singapore
Amsterdam, Netherlands
1st Ogawa Takashi Japan
2nd Murakoshi Kei Japan
3rd Galileo De Obaldia Panama
4th Kongjaroen Phanupak Thailand
Long Beach, United States
1st Galileo De Obaldia Panama
2nd Vincent Paglia United States
3rd Kuwano Kei Japan
4th Kim Tae-Woo Korea
Akihabara, Japan
1st Benjamin Tan Singapore
2nd Chien Yen Jui Chinese Taipei
3rd Roy St. Clair United States
4th Lee Hong-Kyu Korea
Berlin, Germany
1st Mutsuoka Kazuki Japan
2nd Robert Ackerman United States
3rd Norihama Takeru United States
4th Claudio Kirchmair Austria
San Diego, United States
1st Andres Toro Chile
2nd Mattia Sarpa Italy
3rd Adam Corn United States
4th Dexter Dalit Canada
Akihabara, Japan
1st Dario Longo Italy
2nd Shum King Hang Hong Kong
3rd Adrian Madaj Poland
4th Miltiadis Markou Greece
Ariake, Japan
1st Miltiadis Markou Greece
2nd Jorge Fabian Pina Lizarraga Mexico
3rd David Kretschmer Germany
4th Li Guan Sian Chinese Taipei
Los Angeles, United States
1st Togawa Masatoshi Japan
2nd Chan Wan Hang Hong Kong
3rd Suekane Yoshinobu Japan
4th Ryan Pugh Great Britain
New York, United States
1st Ng Yu Leung Hong Kong
2nd Kitamura Shigeki Japan
3rd Mike Rosenberg United States
4th Huai Tao Sun United States

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