Yu-Gi-Oh! South America WCQ 2024

Yu-Gi-Oh! South America World Championship Qualifier 2024 was held in Lima, Peru on 29 – 30 June 2024 and had 516 participants. South America World Qualifying Points Playoff 2024 was held alongside and had 16 participants.

South America WQPP 2024


  • Single-Elimination
  • Champion is invited to the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2024
1st Adrian Gregory George Trinidad and Tobago Ritual Beast
2nd Pedro Henrique Nogueira Brazil Melodious Snake-Eye
3 – 4th Joaquin Pojaghi Argentina Yubel Unchained
Esteban Velasquez Prieto Colombia Kashtira Snake-Eye

South America WQPP 2024 Champion
Adrian Gregory George (Trinidad and Tobago)

1st, Adrian Gregory George (Trinidad and Tobago) [Ritual Beast]

Source: Clean Up Crew

South America WCQ 2024


  • Day 1: 8 rounds of Swiss, Top 128 advance to Day 2
  • Day 2: 2 more rounds of Swiss, Top 64 Single-Elimination
  • Champion is invited to World Championship 2024
1st Juan Carlos La Torre Infantas Peru Spright
2nd Francisco Andres Osorio Bobadilla Chile Snake-Eye
3rd Jesus Marcelo Nava Flores Peru Snake-Eye
4th Sanjay Atmaram Manoo Trinidad and Tobago Kashtira Snake-Eye
5 – 8th Rafael Mariano Reich Brazil Snake-Eye
Claudio Patricio Ulloa Salinas Chile Yubel
Joaquin Alfonso Lichtig Argentina Snake-Eye
David Alejandro Singer Ruiz Peru Ritual Beast

South America WCQ 2024 Champion
Juan Carlos La Torre Infantas (Peru)

1st, Juan Carlos La Torre Infantas (Peru) [Spright]

Source: ReadyForDuel

4th, Sanjay Atmaram Manoo (Trinidad and Tobago) [Kashtira Snake-Eye]

Source: Clean Up Crew

5 – 8th, Rafael Mariano Reich (Brazil) [Snake-Eye]


5 – 8th, Claudio Patricio Ulloa Salinas (Chile) [Yubel]

Source: Mundo Cartas

5 – 8th, David Alejandro Singer Ruiz (Peru) [Ritual Beast]

Source: Ready for Duel


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  1. JohnDoe666 says:

    Joaquin Pojaghi has playing Unchained with Yubel engine and Esteban Prieto Snake-eye with Kashtira.

  2. TheEnabler says:

    I’m surprised the 4th place list didn’t take the tournament. Guy was playing Fiendsmith before they released, haha!

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