Yu-Gi-Oh! North America WCQ 2018

The Yu-Gi-Oh! North America WCQ 2018 was held in Fort Worth, Texas, United States during 29 June – 1 July 2018, and had 1804 participants.

1st Canada Gabriel Antonio Vargas Sky Striker Gouki
2nd United States Walter Jule Mythical Beast Supreme King Magician
3 – 4th Canada Isaiah Kirk Joseph Sky Striker Trickstar
United States Brian Rayos Mekk-Knight Sky Striker Trickstar
5 – 8th United States Denny Yu Sky Striker Gouki
United States Thanh Cong Nguyen Gouki
United States Kenneth Kuo Chung-Jeng Sky Striker Trickstar
United States Hani Yasser Jawhari Sky Striker Trickstar

North America WCQ Top 4
From left to right: Gabriel Vargas (Canada), Walter Jule (USA), Isaiah Joseph (Canada), Brian Rayos (USA)


1st, Canada Gabriel Antonio Vargas [Sky Striker Gouki]

Source: TeamSamuraiX1


2nd, USA Walter Jule [Mythical Beast Supreme King Magician]

Source: Cimoooooooo


3 – 4th, Canada Isaiah Kirk Joseph [Sky Striker Trickstar]

Source: Team Enforcers


3 – 4th, USA Brian Rayos [Mekk-Knight Sky Striker Trickstar]

Source: Cimoooooooo



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