OCG 2018.07 Metagame Report #4

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4 Responses

  1. Non Molan says:

    It’s cool to see Thunder Dragons doing well, but it also sucks to see FTKs existing as much as they are as well. Obviously a lot of these tournaments were very small, but that doesn’t change the fact that these FTK decks are just too damn consistent.

  2. Khazar says:

    Statement: I was initially confused by the skewered quantity of various decklists (in comparison to YGOrg’s OCG weekly decklists) among top cut in the past two tournament reports because I wasn’t aware that you excluded tournaments to measure the impact of SOFU in Report #3.

    Query: Have you considered renaming Goukis as Warrior Link? It’s quite interesting to call it Goukis when only 5 cards in the main deck belong to that category.

    • Akira says:

      There are a couple of points to take note when using YGOrg’s OCG weekly decklists.

      1. The decklists are posted as and when they were made available on ocg.xpg.jp, and not based on the tournament dates. Hence “OCG Japan Decklists (07/16/2018)” includes a range of tournaments held from 24 June to 15 July 2018, while “OCG Japan (and China) Decklists (07/23/2018)” includes tournament from 7 July to 21 July 2018. Because these decklists are not presented chronologically, you can’t use these data as itself.
      2. Since YGOrg only pulls decklists from ocg.xpg.jp, tournament organisers that do not upload their tournament results there are missing from YGOrg’s; most notably “Aichi CS”. I have a more complete picture of the OCG competitive scene as the data used are compiled from all available sources. They are listed under References so anyone can cross-check and verify.

      No, I think Gouki is appropriately named. Warrior Link is a whole different deck that runs similar cards but without Gouki. A good name doesn’t have to be based on the amount of cards used in the deck, but it should be descriptive and distinctive.

  3. BroC says:

    Where is the Magician?Thy might be too weak.
    To the magician ,thunder dragon is hard,but I still hope there will be more magician decks in matches.

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