Taiwan Campus League 2019

The Taiwan Campus League 2019 was held in Taipei during 27 April 2019 and had 210 participants.

This tournament is restricted to only students; a valid Student ID is required to join.


1st Chiu Yu Tang (邱昱棠) Sky Striker
2nd Lai Kuan Cheng (賴冠誠) Zefra
3 – 4th Chien Hsu Yu (簡旭佑) Magical Musket
Tsui Cheng Hao (崔丞皓) Phantom Knights Orcust
5 – 8th Chen Yen Cheng (陳彥呈) Grass Shaddoll
Lin Yu Shun (林禹順) Thunder Dragon
Sun Hao Che (孫浩哲) Salamangreat
Chen Yuan Hong (沈元鴻) Altergeist

Taiwan Campus League 2019 Top 4


1st, Chiu Yu Tang [Sky Striker]

Source: @geass0612_chad


2nd, Lai Kuan Cheng [Zefra]

Source: NTUCGM 卡研社遊戲王部落格


3 – 4th, Tsui Cheng Hao [Orcust]

Source: NTUCGM 卡研社遊戲王部落格


5 – 8th, Chen Yen Cheng [Shaddoll]

Source: 巴哈姆特 – 遊戲王系列哈啦板

*Side Deck was not revealed.



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