OCG 2023.10 Metagame Report #11, #12

Welcome to Week #11, #12 of the OCG 2023.10 format.

This report will tabulate 219 top-performing decks from 34 tournaments that were held in Japan, China Mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea during 9 – 17 December 2023.

Metagame Breakdown

  • 59 Fire King (58 Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King, 1 Sinful Spoils Fire King)
  • 34 Rescue-ACE (28 Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Rescue-ACE, 6 Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE)
  • 18 Snake-Eye (17 Snake-Eye, 1 Horus Snake-Eye)
  • 12 Infernoid (6 Grass Horus Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Infernoid, 3 Grass Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Infernoid, 1 Grass Infernoid, 1 Grass Unchained Infernoid, 1 Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Infernoid)
  • 12 Voiceless Voice
  • 11 Branded (6 Branded, 5 Grass Branded)
  • 7 Runick
  • 6 Centur-Ion (5 Horus Centur-Ion, 1 Centur-Ion)
  • 6 Labrynth
  • 6 Purrely
  • 6 Supreme King Magician
  • 5 Salamangreat
  • 4 Ice Barrier
  • 3 Horus Chimera
  • 3 Scareclaw (2 Scareclaw, 1 Sinful Spoils Scareclaw)
  • 2 Dragon Link (1 Bystial Dragon Link, 1 Buster Blader Bystial Dragon Link)
  • 2 Floowandereeze
  • 2 Ritual Beast
  • 2 Sunavalon Rikka
  • 1 Branded Tri-Brigade
  • 1 Exosister
  • 1 Danger Dark World
  • 1 Grass Raidraptor
  • 1 Horus Adamancipator
  • 1 Horus Naturia
  • 1 Horus Orcust
  • 1 Horus Red Dragon Archfiend
  • 1 Mikanko Infernoble Knight
  • 1 Sinful Spoils Snake-Eye Fire King Rescue-ACE
  • 1 Sky Striker
  • 1 Spright
  • 1 Superheavy Samurai
  • 1 Superheavy Samurai Dracoslayer
  • 1 Traptrix
  • 1 Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc
  • 1 Unchained
  • 1 Vanquish Soul
  • 1 Vaylantz

Fire King

With the latest win in “CCT Chengdu 2023”, this would be Fire King’s 4th consecutive victory in the China City Tournament, solidifying their position as the best deck this format in China Mainland metagame.

Some players have further streamlined their Fire King builds by reducing the Fire King cards to the bare minimal, and have a stronger focus on the Snake-Eye cards instead.

Snake-Eye Oak could Special Summon a Level 1 FIRE monster which is useful as a Link Material.

Dramatic Snake-Eye Chase is another option that could be searched out by Snake-Eyes Poplar effect. Dramatic Snake-Eye Chase would place a Diabellstar the Black Witch in the Spell/Trap Zone, then during the End Phase, Dramatic Snake-Eye Chase graveyard effect could Special Summon Diabellstar the Black Witch from the Spell/Trap Zone. Alternatively, Diabellstar the Black Witch in the Spell/Trap Zone could also be sent to the graveyard as cost for the activation of Snake-Eye Ash or Snake-Eye Oak effect, then Diabellstar the Black Witch could be be Special Summoned from the graveyard by Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians.

Sinful Spoils of Betrayal – Silvera is another option that could be searched out by Diabellstar the Black Witch effect. Sinful Spoils of Betrayal – Silvera provides a negation effect on a face-up card. Sinful Spoils of Betrayal – Silvera could be used on Spell/Trap cards too, providing a way to protect your Fire King Island from being banished by Cosmic Cyclone or prevent Evenly Match from wiping your board.

MRR@Paikemeng (MRR@牌客盟) finished 1st in “CCT Chengdu 2023” which had 564 participants.


The addition of Earth Golem @Ignister in the Extra Deck increased the capability of Super Polymerization. It is mainly to use the opponent’s I:P Masquerena as Fusion Material, but occasionally using the opponent’s Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf or Decode Talker Heatsoul would also be possible.

Lu Chen Pang went 6-1 and finished 4th in “Black Luster Soldier (Normal Monster) Tournament Hong Kong II” which had 290 participants.


Anti-Spell Fragrance has become a popular Side Deck option against decks running Sinful Spoils and Snake-Eye package. While Anti-Spell Fragrance is active, Bonfire would need to be set a turn before it can be activated. WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils could be activated in a Chain to the activation of Anti-Spell Fragrance, but the Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye set by Diabellstar the Black Witch effect would still need to wait for a turn before it can be activated.

Similarly Triple Tactics Talent, Triple Tactics Thrust and other Spell board breakers would not be able to be activated while Anti-Spell Fragrance is active.

Zhao Yi Kang went 6-0-1 and finished 2nd in “Black Luster Soldier (Normal Monster) Tournament Singapore II” which had 139 participants.


Catechin (カテキン) went 6-2 and finished 5 – 8th in “17th Tetsu Championship” which had 166 participants.

Catechin mentioned in his note (【YACS準優勝】連戦で使ったインフェルノイドについて【TCSベスト8】) a couple of reasons of why he opted to go for a Snake-Eye Infernoid build.

The traditional Infernoid build that uses Reasoning and Monster Gate to load up their graveyard runs into the risk of being completely shutdown by Artifact Lancea, which is seeing heavy play in almost every Side Deck. While under the effect of Artifact Lancea, the standard Snake-Eye combo could be played to end with Infernoid Flood and Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon in the Monster Zones and I:P Masquerena in the Spell/Trap Zone.

Reasoning and Monster Gate also restricts deck building, requiring the deck to run a larger amount of Infernoid monsters. The Snake-Eye build allows the deck to shave down on Infernoid monsters, and also opens up the ability to run ‘hand traps’.

Voiceless Voice

With the rise of Infernoid in the metagame, Artifact Lancea has become an important ‘hand trap’ to run in the Side Deck, and some players may even choose to run it directly in the Main Deck.

Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay is also another ‘hand trap’ that is seeing play since the Snake-Eye combo would go into Link Monsters, allowing Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay to be Special Summoned. Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay effect would then dig for ‘hand trap’ such as Nibiru, the Primal Being or Artifact Lancea.

Ai·Chouritsu (Ai·調律) went 9-1 and finished 1st in “17th Tetsu Championship” which had 166 participants.


Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

At the end of the OCG 2023.10 format, FIRE Attribute has taken over the metagame with Fire King, Rescue-ACE, Snake-Eye and Infernoid seizing the top spots. Diabellstar the Black Witch, WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils, Snake-Eyes Poplar and Bonfire are all starters for FIRE decks, giving them unparalleled consistency. Snake-Eye Ash is also additional starters for Fire King, Snake-Eye and Infernoid.

On top of these, FIRE decks also have access to Promethean Princess, Bestower of Flames, which could Special Summon a FIRE monster from the graveyard for extended play, and could also be a disruption while in the graveyard. Promethean Princess, Bestower of Flames‘ synergy with Salamangreat Raging Phoenix and Worldsea Dragon Zealantis also enabled a powerful One Turn Kill.

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