OCG 2019.01 Metagame Report #0

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15 Responses

  1. Rizky Reza says:

    subterror deck please !

  2. RanserSSF4 says:

    i am curious how much salamangreat decks will change when ocg gets cynet mining in dark neostorm

  3. Isaac says:

    What’s the point of Shaddoll Hound? Why him instead of another one like, for example, Beast?

  4. Isaac says:

    Could you write an article to showcase salamangreat combos?

  5. Stein says:

    Can we get a list for the blue-eyes deck as well as the Phantom Knights Burning Abyss 🙂 im curious how these decks adapt the OCG environment

  6. 1443677491@qq.com says:

    how can i find the othets deck listwhich in the pie chart,someone tell me?

  7. molletje01 says:

    wait a link 1 relinqished monster wtf i wanna know more plox any one has a link for it ??

  8. Gee King says:

    Hope salamangreats are decent in TCG. Or at least dangers get link monster pls. Bored of this meta.

  9. Chaos says:

    It would be great to same an article for Salamangrear and Subterror Combos 🙂

    • Isaac says:

      Subterror combo? They’re just protect Guru using Hand-Traps while attacking with it and using Final Battle to make its ATK become 3400. Also they use Succession to add Maxx C to hand. The only combo, if any, is use Hidden City -> Add Guru and Set it -> Flip it (using Hidden City effect) to add Fiendess.

  10. SFA Lankio says:

    Seriously,I want to see the Gandora-X

  11. jassim Alzarooni says:

    Can we see the world chalice zefra deck list?

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