OCG 2018.01 Metagame Report #2

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6 Responses

  1. Morn Star says:

    Thanks for report!
    There is a typo about the number of Zefra decks. You write both variant deck number as 1 .

  2. mike sav says:

    why did the nagician player play scythe without sanctum?

    • Akira says:

      Artifact Sanctum doesn’t contribute to any opening combos and would result in brickier opening hands (especially when drawn in multiples with Artifact Scythe).

      Artifact Scythe by itself is a good bait for the opponent’s Twin Twisters or Harpie’s Feather Duster. And when required, it can be manually triggered by destroying it with T.G. Wonder Magician through Cystron Needlefiber.

    • mike sav says:

      ahh okay umderstood,thank you

  3. Why did trickstar play resort and súper agent?

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