OCG 2017.07 Metagame Report #1

Welcome to Week #1 of the OCG 2017.07 format.

The East Japan WCQ 2017 was held last weekend, resulting in lesser tournaments being held despite being the first week of the new format.

This report will tabulate 24 top-performing decks from 3 tournaments that were held in Japan during 1 – 5 July 2017.


Metagame Breakdown

  • 10 Invoked Spellbook True Draco
  • 6 Dinosaur:
    • 5 True King Yang Zing Dinosaur
    • 1 Mono Dinosaur
  • 3 ABC
  • 2 Invoked:
    • 1 Spellbook Invoked
    • 1 Windwitch Kaiju Invoked
  • 2 Metalfoes Zefra True Draco
  • 1 D/D


Invoked Spellbook True Draco

Invoked Spellbook True Draco has become the deck to beat. As such, players now running Artifact Lancea in the Main Deck to disrupt the opponent’s Invocation.

Pot of Acquisitiveness is the tech card of this week. It is primarily used in the mirror match to stop the opponent from taking back Aleister the Invoker through the graveyard effect of Invocation. Against ABC decks, it prevents ABC-Dragon Buster from splitting into A-Assault Core, B-Buster Drake and C-Crush Wyvern.


True King Yang Zing Dinosaur

Kawanami Hayato “アクアボーイ” (“AquaBoy”), World Championship 2015 Japan representative, went 6-2 and finished 2nd in the 2nd Kyushu Cup.

He ran 3 copies of Gold Sarcophagus to combo with his 2 Giant Rex. This makes Gold Sarcophagus functions similarly to Photon Thrasher whereby it Special Summons a Level 4 Monster. That Level 4 Monster can then be used with a Level 1 tuner to Synchro Summon Denglong, First of the Yang Zing, or with another Level 4 monster to Xyz Summon a Rank 4 Xyz Monster.

Giant Rex being a Dinosaur has great synergy with the deck. It could be banished for Special Summoning Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, or be used for the Xyz Summoning of Evolzar Laggia or Evolzar Dolkka.

However, the popularity of Artifact Lancea in the Main Deck also meant that Gold Sarcophagus has a higher chance of being disrupted.



Usually when there is a lack of tournament results, I would combine this week’s data with next week’s data so that a more accurate trend could be inferred from the bigger sample size.

However, with Circuit Break coming out in Week #2, it would be more appropriate to separate both data sets. With a small sample size, it is largely unreliable to draw any conclusions from it. As such, take this week’s report with a pinch of salt.



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  1. And here I was, attempting to take a Ritual Kaiju Abyss deck to locals tomorrow. Now I need to tweak it again because of my flawed meta read, fk me

  2. Germaniac says:

    D/D decklist please

    • Mach Dragon says:

      D/Ds got 3rd at the 2nd Kyusan Cup. The link to the decklist is in the references section of the post.
      Cheers from a fellow D/D player o/

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