OCG 2016.04 Metagame (1 Apr – 30 Jun 2016)


With Performapal Dracoslayer gone, the opportunity for previously underwhelming archetype has opened up in the competitive scene.

From a total of 473 top placing decks from 60 competitive Japanese tournaments, here is the final metagame breakdown of the OCG 2016.04 format.


Metagame Breakdown


  • 140 Blue-Eyes (12 Ritual, 1 Fusion variant)
  • 90 Burning Abyss (70 Speedroid Phantom Knights, 9 Speedroid, 8 Ritual, 1 Blue-Eyes, 1 Nekroz, 1 Shaddoll variant)
  • 71 Metalfoes (1 Amorphage variant)
  • 52 D/D (1 Shaddoll variant)
  • 36 Pendulum (15 Dracoslayer, 14 Majespecter, 6 Magician, 1 Empowered variant)
  • 22 Monarch (8 Brilliant, 4 Artifact, 3 Speedroid, 1 Domain, 1 Super Quantum variant)
  • 62 Others
    • 10 Qliphort
    • 8 HERO
    • 9 Nekroz (1 Shaddoll variant)
    • 5 Dark Magician
    • 5 Synchro DARK
    • 4 Evilswarm
    • 4 Infernoid
    • 3 Meta Beat
    • 2 Atlantean Mermail (1 Genex, 1 HERO variant)
    • 2 Shaddoll (1 Deskbot, 1 Train variant)
    • 1 Blackwing
    • 1 Buster Blader
    • 1 Cubic
    • 1 Junk Doppel
    • 1 PSY-Frame
    • 1 Ritual Beast
    • 1 Shiranui
    • 1 Six Samurai
    • 1 Speedroid
    • 1 Speedroid Phantom Knights




The OCG 2016.04 was the perfect environment for Blue-Eyes.

Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon proved to be the strongest threat in the metagame.

Its graveyard negation effect is good against Burning Abyss, while its Special Summoning restriction effect is problematic for Metalfoes and the various Odd-Eyes/Dracoslayer/Majespecter Pendulum decks.

The deck truly gained dominance with the addition of Pot of Desires – drawing into Solemn Strike to back a field of Dragons is a board that is tough to break.


Burning Abyss


Burning Abyss had a strong start with the momentum from the Speedroid Phantom Knights variant.

Being unable to run Pot of Desires efficiently proved to be a fatal flaw as Burning Abyss often found itself running out of resources first.

However, by running Anti-Spell Fragrance in the Main Deck, Burning Abyss is able to delay Blue-Eyes and Metalfoes from playing out their strategies.




Metalfoes has easy access to Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon through Ultimaya Tzolkin.

Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is extremely effective against Blue-Eyes, and with the protection of Naturia Exterio and Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin is an easy lockdown.

Metalfoes struggles against Blue-Eyes though, often finding themselves crippled by Dragon Spirit of White.




D/D broke into the competitive scene rather abruptly, and maintained its middle position throughout.

Being the most difficult deck to pilot meant that there were much lesser players running the deck, but despite having fewer representations in tournaments, D/D continued to produce results.

D/D can bring out Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon and D/D/D Hexblood King Siegfried, easily setting up a soft lockdown.

D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga is most potent against Metalfoes and the various Pendulum decks.




The OCG 2016.04 metagame is one of the most enjoyable format in a long while since Performage and Performapal.

The OCG 2016.07 metagame will only got better with the introduction of ABC to challenge the dominance of Blue-Eyes.

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