Master Duel Duelist Cup 2022 Aug

The seventh Master Duel event Duelist Cup 2022 August was held from 9 – 22 August 2022 and featured the first competitive ladder grind. Players would have to reach Duelist Level 20 in Stage 1 before they could participate in Stage 2, where everyone would be ranked based on their accumulated Duelist Points.

Top 100 Metagame Breakdown

  • 15 Virtual World (8 Adventurer Virtual World, 6 Virtual World, 1 Adventurer Good Stuff Virtual World)
  • 13.33 Eldlich (11.33 Eldlich, 2 Grass Eldlich)
  • 10.5 Prank-Kids (8 Adventurer Prank-Kids, 2.5 Destiny Adventurer Prank-Kids)
  • 7 Adventurer Good Stuff (4.33 Adventurer Good Stuff, 2.67 Destiny Adventurer Good Stuff)
  • 5 Adventurer Zoodiac Tri-Brigade
  • 4.33 Destiny Adventurer Phantom Knights
  • 4 Grass Adamancipator (3 Grass Adamancipator, 1 Grass P.U.N.K. Adamancipator)
  • 3.5 Rose Dragon Adventurer Tenyi
  • 3.25 Floowandereeze
  • 2 Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc
  • 1.25 Zoodiac (1 Zoodiac, 0.25 Destiny Adventurer Zoodiac)
  • 1.25 @Ignister
  • 1 Dinosaur FTK
  • 1 Endymion
  • 1 Grass Destiny Phantom Knights Burning Abyss
  • 1 HERO
  • 1 Tenyi Swordsoul
  • 1 Subterror
  • 1 Zefra
  • 0.33 True Draco
  • 0.25 Destiny Adventurer Salamangreat

Of the Top 100 players, currently only 78 players and their decks have been made known.

Unlike traditional tournaments where players are locked into a single deck after submitting their deck lists, the Master Duel Duelist Cup allows players to freely switch between decks. For this tabulation, if the player ran multiple different decks, then the weightage of each deck will be divided by the total decks played. For example, たすく finished in rank 14th and played 4 different decks during his Duelist Cup grind, thus contributing 0.25 @Ignister, 0.25 Destiny Adventurer Salamangreat, 0.25 Destiny Adventurer Zoodiac and 0.25 Floowandereeze to the overall tally.

Top 100 Results

1st Gera Rose Dragon Adventurer Tenyi [1]
2nd suka Adventurer Virtual World [2]
3rd 九山しか Endymion [3]
4th 攀&瞎哥 Adventurer Virtual World
Adventurer Virtual World
5th 名前&风麟千羽 Adventurer Virtual World
Virtual World
6th jackeylove Destiny Adventurer Prank-Kids
Adventurer Prank-Kids
7th YGL卡密 Virtual World
Adventurer Prank-Kids
8th 折折折言&谷谷 Adventurer Zoodiac Tri-Brigade [8]
9th DSLL Zefra [9]
10th 雨丸 Destiny Adventurer Good Stuff [10]
12th れん@おかだジム Destiny Adventurer Phantom Knights [12]
13th TBSK Virtual World [13]
14th たすく @Ignister
Destiny Adventurer Salamangreat
Destiny Adventurer Zoodiac
16th 神奈川的小池塘 Grass P.U.N.K. Adamancipator [16]
17th あじふらい True Draco
Destiny Adventurer Phantom Knights
Destiny Adventurer Good Stuff
18th 素振りをする素振り Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc [18]
19th すこ Eldlich [19]
23rd 萌萌的小熊 Adventurer Zoodiac Tri-Brigade [23]
25th ADRAIN Rose Dragon Adventurer Tenyi
Adventurer Zoodiac Tri-Brigade
26th kinghalo Adventurer Virtual World [26]
27th 約修亜Kong Adventurer Virtual World [27]
28th ぶりぶりざえもん Floowandereeze [28]
29th ゼラ Destiny Adventurer Good Stuff [29]
30th 11slifer Destiny Adventurer Prank-Kids [30]
32nd しげる Grass Adamancipator [32]
33rd GSC mimoei Adventurer Prank-Kids
Adventurer Zoodiac Tri-Brigade
34th 怖珞索X Virtual World [34]
35th Tyra Dinosaur FTK [35]
36th DYRofficial Virtual World [36]
37th Reizee Adventurer Virtual World [37]
38th Kyle Adventurer Good Stuff [38]
39th 无名小哥 Grass Destiny Phantom Knights Burning Abyss [39]
40th ArtiQno Adventurer Prank-Kids [40]
41st 小菲可 Virtual World [41]
43rd 也许可能吧 Rose Dragon Adventurer Tenyi [43]
44th k0k! Eldlich [44]
45th xinwen2号 Tenyi Swordsoul [45]
46th ターボ Destiny Adventurer Phantom Knights [46]
47th mila Zoodiac [47]
49th いこる Adventurer Good Stuff Virtual World [49]
51st P0rtal Gunn3r Floowandereeze [51]
52nd ビギ Floowandereeze [52]
53rd sayuri_yayoi Grass Adamancipator [53]
54th Virtual World [54]
55th フェニックス布教 Grass Adamancipator [55]
57th MilkTea Eldlich [57]
58th 吉田 Adventurer Prank-Kids [58]
60th 机油jiyou Adventurer Zoodiac Tri-Brigade [60]
61st やまむー。 Destiny Adventurer Good Stuff [61]
62nd ひよこ Adventurer Prank-Kids [62]
63rd D-ss Adventurer Virtual World [63]
65th トコク Subterror [65]
67th めるば Eldlich [67]
68th シーアーチャー Adventurer Good Stuff
Adventurer Good Stuff
69th UMAの骨 Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc [69]
70th ガッチャ!! Eldlich [70]
72nd からから @Ignister [72]
73rd Yanstorm Destiny Adventurer Prank-Kids [73]
75th 小長井 Rose Dragon Adventurer Tenyi [75]
76th 61faker Adventurer Zoodiac Tri-Brigade [76]
77th けもあげくん Destiny Adventurer Phantom Knights [77]
78th Destiny Adventurer Good Stuff [78]
79th 限界蒼焔 りょうへい HERO [79]
81st 倒霉的锅盖 Adventurer Good Stuff [81]
82nd IORI Eldlich [82]
83rd 사실상 Eldlich [83]
85th 心问无限启动号 Destiny Adventurer Phantom Knights [85]
86th しらこ Adventurer Prank-Kids [86]
87th あめみや たいよう Grass Eldlich [87]
88th じょうじ Adventurer Prank-Kids [88]
90th 梁华龙 Grass Eldlich [90]
91st tani- Eldlich [91]
94th ろろろんど Adventurer Prank-Kids [94]
95th うど Eldlich [95]
97th ドラモン Eldlich [97]
98th しゅうま Eldlich [98]
99th 旧雨欢 Adventurer Prank-Kids
Adventurer Virtual World
100th watakore Adventurer Virtual World [100]


1st, Gera [Rose Dragon Adventurer Tenyi]

Source: Discord


2nd, suka [Adventurer Virtual World]

Source: ai笑滴suka


3rd, 九山しか [Endymion]

Source: @hani_miki_shika


4th, 攀&瞎哥 [Adventurer Virtual World] [Adventurer Virtual World]

Source: 胡胡哒的阿攀, 叫我瞎哥就好了


5th, 名前&风麟千羽 [Adventurer Virtual World] [Virtual World]

Source: 起名字超麻烦的, 风麟千羽


6th, jackeylove [Destiny Adventurer Prank-Kids] [Adventurer Prank-Kids]

Source: 小茄子


7th, YGL卡密 [Virtual World] [Adventurer Prank-Kids]

Source: 卡密LHH


8th, 折折折言&谷谷 [Adventurer Zoodiac Tri-Brigade]

Source: 折折折言


9th, DSLL [Zefra]

Source: DSLL


10th, 雨丸 [Destiny Adventurer Good Stuff]

Source: @rainmalk


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6 Responses

  1. tddgmt says:

    雨丸’s exdeck have V.F.D., do’nt have Cherubini.

  2. Elgraet says:

    To be noted that 1st place played only against Xbox players.

  3. VoltaYouth says:

    Top 9, the correct ID is DSLL and he never used virtual world in DC cup.

  4. RustyTyranno says:

    Thank you for your hard work, l predict that Auroradon combo will become the de-facto tier 1 going forward, but everyone will probably prepare for the match-up and thus reduce their dominance

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