Challenger Cup 2024 Philippines

Challenger Cup 2024 Philippines was held on 25 May 2024 and had 69 participants (67 open entry + 2 seeded).

Credit to RespectYGO for the information.


  • Asia English
  • 5 rounds of Swiss, Top 13 advance to playoffs
  • 13 players from Swiss and 2 seeded players play off in Top 15 Single-Elimination
  • Champion is invited to the Asia World Championship Qualifier 2024
1st Hiroshi Odate Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE
2nd Kenneth Febra Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE
3 – 4th Six Villacorta Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE
Bip-Bip Ducut Purrely
5 – 8th Jan Zedric Lorenzo Voiceless Voice
Archie Escober Voiceless Voice
Renz Guizzagan Horus Runick
Louren Vidad Vanquish Soul

Asia WCQ 2024 Philippines Top 4

1st, Hiroshi Odate [Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE]

Source: RespectYGO, Hiroshi Odate, @Here_Oh

2nd, Kenneth Febra [Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE]

Source: RespectYGO, Kennethskee Febs

3 – 4th, Six Villacorta [Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE]

Source: RespectYGO

3 – 4th, Bip-Bip Ducut [Purrely]

Source: RespectYGO, Bip-Bip Ducut

5 – 8th, Jan Zedric Lorenzo [Voiceless Voice]

Source: RespectYGO

5 – 8th, Archie Escober [Voiceless Voice]

Source: RespectYGO, Escober Archie

5 – 8th, Renz Guizzagan [Horus Runick]

Source: RespectYGO

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