CCT Guangzhou 2022

China City Tournament Guangzhou 2022 was held on 27 – 28 August 2022 and had 434 participants.


  • Day 1: 9 rounds of Swiss, Top 32 players advance to Day 2
  • Day 2: Top 32 Single-Elimination


1st 黑天使 Ishizu Tearlaments
2nd 蔡籽 Spright
3 – 4th 片霧烈火 Ishizu Tearlaments
赤木凤梨 Ishizu Tearlaments
5 – 8th Katoshiho Ishizu Tearlaments
巽(已黑化) Ishizu Tearlaments
9 – 16th 祖师爷F Ishizu Tearlaments
清少 Spright
红莲劫焰 Danger Dark World
菜头·暗黑形态 Kashtira


CCT Guangzhou 2022 Top 4


1st, 黑天使 [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏


2nd, 蔡籽 [Spright]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏


3 – 4th, 片霧烈火 [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏


3 – 4th, 赤木凤梨 [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏

*The player made a Deck List Error of registering 3 Fleuret de Fleur (DP25-JP024) instead of 3 Agido the Ancient Sentry (DP27-JP024) in the Main Deck. Since he was unable to acquire 3 Fleuret de Fleur for his deck to match the deck list, he had received a Game Loss. 1 Bystial Magnumut and 1 Bystial Druidwurm were moved from the Side Deck to the Main Deck to make it 40.


5 – 8th, Katoshiho [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: 渣渣渣渣强


5 – 8th, 巽(已黑化) [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: 巽(已黑化)



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