CCT Chengdu 2020

China City Tournament Chengdu 2020 was held on 26 December 2020 in Chengdu, mainland China and had a total of 194 participants.


  • 7 rounds of Swiss, Top 16 Single-Elimination
  • Champion and Finalist earn an invite to the China Mainland Qualifier


1st 鲸鱼 Zoodiac
2nd 向神迈进的人 Virtual World
3 – 4th 猎马者type Orcust
演员 Code Talker
5 – 8th 船月党未白 Dogmatika Invoked Shaddoll
不觉 Virtual World
Dogmatika Invoked
YQH Eldlich


CCT Chengdu 2020 Top 4


1st, 鲸鱼 [Zoodiac]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏, 鲸鱼是船长, 成都宵星卡牌工作室


2nd, 向神迈进的人 [Virtual World]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏, 成都宵星卡牌工作室


3 – 4th, 猎马者type [Orcust]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏, 成都宵星卡牌工作室


3 – 4th, 演员 [Code Talker]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏, 成都宵星卡牌工作室


5 – 8th, 船月党未白 [Dogmatika Invoked Shaddoll]

Source: 成都宵星卡牌工作室



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