CCT 2022 Zhengzhou

China City Tournament 2022 Zhengzhou was held on 20 – 21 August 2022 and had 278 participants.


  • Day 1: 8 rounds of Swiss, Top 16 players advance to Day 2
  • Day 2: Top 16 Single-Elimination
  • Deck Build Pack: Amazing Defenders is not allowed


1st XY Spright
2nd 郑州出轮就去求婚 Ishizu Tearlaments
3 – 4th 阪本 True King Dinosaur
大刀@BBQ Ishizu Tearlaments
5 – 8th Mage@X… Ishizu Tearlaments
莲z@XJY Ishizu Tearlaments
黑兔 Ishizu Tearlaments
9 – 16th 海义 Exosister
马卡龙 Vernusylph Adamancipator
和阿不斯贴贴 Ishizu Tearlaments
泡@DS Ishizu Tearlaments
東雪蓮offcial Ishizu Tearlaments Necroface
田宫牙缸 Grass Tearlaments Branded Bystial
湛晓 D/D


CCT 2022 Zhengzhou Top 4


1st, XY [Spright]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏


2nd, 郑州出轮就去求婚 [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏, 叶子桌游


3 – 4th, 阪本 [True King Dinosaur]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏, 叶子桌游, 游戏王OCG映核社


3 – 4th, 大刀@BBQ [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: 游戏王卡片游戏


5 – 8th, 黑兔 [Ishizu Tearlaments]

Source: 叶子桌游



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  1. Jens says:

    can someone pls help me identify the card next to scrap chimera in the TK Dino deck. Is it out yet in the tcg? thanks in advance

  2. Jindrich says:

    D/D List?

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