Asia Campus League 2023 Singapore

Asia Campus League 2023 Singapore was held on 22 October 2023 and had 35 participants.


  • 5 rounds of Swiss, Top 8 Single-Elimination
1st Alex Yeo Purrely
2nd Liang Jun Yu Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE
3 – 4th Sherwyn Lim Sinful Spoils Fire King
Wallace Wee Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE

Asia Campus League 2023 Singapore Champion
Alex Yeo

1st, Alex Yeo [Purrely]

Source: Alex Yeo, @HimeraglYukina

*The player made a Deck List Error of registering 1 Lightning Storm instead of 1 Triple Tactics Talent in the Main Deck. He had received a Game Loss and had to continue playing with Lightning Storm in the Main Deck.

2nd, Liang Jun Yu [Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE]

Source: @Fish73259236, @HimeraglYukina

3 – 4th, Sherwyn Lim [Sinful Spoils Fire King]

Source: Sherwyn Lim, @HimeraglYukina

3 – 4th, Wallace Wee [Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE]

Source: @HimeraglYukina

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