Yu-Gi-Oh! South Korea WCQ 2017

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6 Responses

  1. Hubert says:

    How was he able to make hope harbringer? And how did this deck won without any link monster? Pedndulum summon 1 room extra is too little. What for did he run white wing without zarc in extra??

    • Akira says:

      Koreans have not gotten their Link Monsters yet – they are only getting Starter Deck 2017 this weekend (6 July 2017). As such they were playing under Master Rule 3.

      Even without Zarc, White Wing Magician still has her niche purposes in protecting DARK Spellcaster monster, or as a Tuner. But more importantly, as a Pendulum Scale 1, she helps to balance out the Pendulum Scales within the deck.

      The OCG Korea metagame is significantly different from the OCG Japan/Asia due to the difference in card pool. We generally don’t follow their metagame or deck lists.

    • has says:

      He made harbinger with Ignister and Dinoster

  2. So they play under the new Master Rule without even getting the starter deck?

  3. Pampa7 says:

    Can we have the decklists for the invoked ww players?

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