Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship Qualifier 2015

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  1. gary says:

    hi,i am interested in evilswarm decklist. Mind reviewit?

  2. I want that Ninja Hieratic Deck bad

  3. Brian says:

    Ranking 2014 Hong Kong – Tsang Chi Kit ‘Fat Kit’

  4. SiuKit says:

    Hk champion Law Ming Fung ,people almost call him Brian

  5. Andrew says:

    Sam is now singaporean ? HAHAHAH

  6. Google says:

    Asia Championship Qualifier 2015 – Hong Kong Champion (JP)

    5 – 8th Leung Ka Fu “Honest” [Qliphort]
    5 – 8th Wong Tin Yu [HERO]
    5 – 8th Chong Yan Keung “James” [Atlantean]
    5 – 8th Li Juan Yong [Tellarknight]

  7. SiuKit says:

    Hong Kong 5th-8th wong tin yu also call ‘豬頭骨’

  8. Jiaqing Lee says:

    Can you post the Hong kong lists from the link https://www.facebook.com/dmsyugioh/photos/a.10153450656648701.1073741840.16646893700/10153450658518701/?type=3&theater????

    Also really interested in seeing the chaos dragon tops

  9. chan chi ming says:


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