Yu-Gi-Oh! Red Envelope

Red envelope or red packet is a tradition in Chinese culture where money is placed inside it and given to signify goodwill. The red envelope itself symbolizes good luck as the color red is commonly associated with good fortune in Chinese belief.

Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is the most popular occasion to give out red envelope. Since many would be looking to use fresh red envelopes during this period, merchants and businesses would give out packs of red envelopes featuring their own unique branding designs to their customers. One of the more popular design scheme is to have the Chinese zodiac animal of the year on the red envelope.

Here are some red envelope featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters representing the respective Chinese zodiac animal of the year that were given out in the past to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Do note that these are not card sleeves.


2015 Year of the Goat: Scapegoat


2016 Year of the Monkey: Performapal Monkeyboard


2017 Year of the Rooster: The Winged Dragon of Ra


2018 Year of the Dog: Missus Radiant


2019 Year of the Boar: Zoodiac Boarbow


2021 Year of the Ox: Salamangreat Beat Bison‎, Pot of Extravagance‎



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