Yu-Gi-Oh! Area Championship 2024 Tokyo

Yu-Gi-Oh! Area Championship 2024 Tokyo was held on 22 June 2024 and had 134 teams (402 participants).


  • 3v3 Team
  • 6 rounds of Swiss
  • Top 2 teams win a playmat for each team member
  • Top 8 teams win a Quarter Century Secret Rare Gemini Elf for each team member
1st シロコ|BL00mingFL0wers Fiendsmith Snake-Eye
そいそい Fiendsmith Snake-Eye
なまえ Gimmick Puppet
2nd あき Horus White Forest
shinra Fiendsmith Snake-Eye
舌魚 Fiendsmith Magical Musket
3rd ウゴ Grass Infernoid
クロ助 Grass Eldlich
ウゴく Branded
4 – 5th しらっくす Fiendsmith Yubel
ペルセ Fiendsmith Snake-Eye
カバオ Fiendsmith Yubel
4 – 5th はぶらし Fiendsmith Snake-Eye
ハサ Fiendsmith Snake-Eye Dinosaur
星のマービィ Fiendsmith Snake-Eye Dinosaur
6th ゼアル Grass Bystial Fiendsmith Thunder Dragon
マサヒト.jp Memento
オズ Tenpai Dragon
7th ファイナルたんにが Voiceless Voice
林ミイニ Fiendsmith Yubel
8th 辻斬り Fiendsmith Labrynth
hiRo Fiendsmith Labrynth

1st, シロコ|BL00mingFL0wers [Fiendsmith Snake-Eye]

Source: 遊戯王OCG AREA CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 東京会場, @shiro_de_

1st, そいそい [Fiendsmith Snake-Eye]

Source: 遊戯王OCG AREA CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 東京会場, @soisoi_yp

1st, なまえ [Gimmick Puppet]

Source: 遊戯王OCG AREA CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 東京会場, @namaesa1192

2nd, あき [Horus White Forest]

Source: @ygoaki

2nd, shinra [Fiendsmith Snake-Eye]

Source: @shinra_olegovna

2nd, 舌魚 [Fiendsmith Magical Musket]

Source: @Kakashi31164961

4 – 5th, しらっくす [Fiendsmith Yubel]

Source: @shiraxv2

4 – 5th, ペルセ [Fiendsmith Snake-Eye]

Source: @perullish_583

4 – 5th, カバオ [Fiendsmith Yubel]

Source: @white_album527

4 – 5th, はぶらし [Fiendsmith Snake-Eye]

Source: @tgw7619_ndwg85

4 – 5th, ハサ [Fiendsmith Snake-Eye Dinosaur]

Source: @hasayp

6th, ゼアル [Grass Bystial Fiendsmith Thunder Dragon]

Source: @zeal_yugio_yp

6th, マサヒト.jp [Memento]

Source: @2ypmasahito

6th, オズ [Tenpai Dragon]

Source: @YPozDRS

8th, 辻斬り [Fiendsmith Labrynth]

Source: @thuzigiri

8th, hiRo [Fiendsmith Labrynth]

Source: @oroti0401

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