OCG 2016.10 Metagame Report #1

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6 Responses

  1. Frenzyhero says:

    “OCG is a healthier and more balanced game!”

    Because a 1 deck format is so much healthier than a 2 deck format, right?

  2. Khazar says:

    Interesting how Kozmo is not doing well. This contradicts Konami’s own findings:

    Also why are Demise Kozmos nowhere to be seen? This Metagame report looks very innaccurate for obvious reasons.

    • Akira says:

      Those are not Konami’s findings, they are a compilation of tournaments held in Japan and China. The article that you had linked covers tournaments dated 25 September and earlier, whereas this article covers tournaments between 1 – 2 October.

      This article covers only top performing decks (Top 8/16 or better), and is not a representation of what everyone is playing. Furthermore, only tournaments with participation of 30 players or more are counted.

      As such, this is a very accurate analysis of the top performing decks in the OCG metagame.

      The OCG generally do not append “Demise” to the name of decks that are running Card of Demise. The Artifact Kozmo are in fact running Card of Demise.

    • Khazar says:

      Japan does not exclusively represent the OCG, so how can you claim that these findings are accurate? That’s like saying that the top 8/16 decks at regionals and YCSs in the USA represents the TCG meta game which is obviously false.

      It is interesting that the Kozmo decks in this website’s findings are only running 2 copies of Card of Demise whereas it was run at 3 in the decklists posted by Konami’s website like it should be.

    • Akira says:

      Ah, you were talking about the comprehensiveness of the data, and not about the quality of the data. Unfortunately only Japan is regularly posting up tournament results and deck lists, and could be readily verified against photos and videos. Fair enough, these reports are not comprehensive, but they are accurate limited to the available data.

      Also, the ygorganization.com is not Konami’s website. We are using the same sources for the deck lists and they are pretty much the same, just that mine is a smaller subset without the small locals.

      You have been comparing Kozmo deck lists from different dates. If you have a look at their latest OCG Weekly 10/10/2016, you would notice that most Kozmo are not running Card of Demise, and for those that are running just have 2 copies.


  3. Dion says:

    Keep it up! Loving these!

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